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Device unwinding tension

Also, this device can be called: 9309900000, 93099 00000, 93-099-00-000. unwinding tension device used for coiling winding wires with tanks in the form of coils, containers, cleaning with wire and create tension in the supply winding machines and devices.


Unwound wire diameter:

- From 0,1 mm to 0,3 mm;

- From 0,3 mm to 1,6 mm.

Wire braking force at the output - 0,1 kgf to 10 kgf.

Tension limits - 0,5 kg to 10 kg.

Overall dimensions of the device - no more than 660×447×1040 mm.

Uncoiler weight - not more than 42 kg.

Used coil from which the wire is wound on the RTM 16.684.086-73:

- K1-100/80;

- K1-125/100;

- K1-200/160;

- K4-100/63;

- K4-125/80;

- K4-200/125;

- KK6-250/234;

- KK6-280/320;

- K1-250/160.

Unwinding devices tension can be used with machines for coiling:

- NK3-2A; NK3-2AM; NK3-2AM1 - designed for winding coils of insulated conductors with mechanical layout of turns;

- NSh8-2A - designed for coiling without mechanical layout of turns;

- NK5-4A - designed for winding coils of wire round and rectangular sections without mechanical layout turns.

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