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High-voltage measuring system UPU-21/2

Also, this device can be called: UPU 21/2, UPU21/2, UPU212, UPU 21 2.

UPU-21/2 high-voltage measuring system - used to diagnose dielectric strength up to 10 kV DC or AC currents to estimate leakage current isolation of scanned objects DC.

Application: in the development and production of radio and electrical products in research institutes, testing laboratories, repair shops and / or enterprises.

Specifications UPU-21/2:

Output voltage range:

- DC - from 0 kV to 3 kV ;

- Ac - from 0 kV to 10 kV .

Error limits installations - ± 3%.

The load current - at least 1 mA.

Built milliamp

The leakage current insulation UPU-21/2 - 10 mkA to 10 mA.

Tripping current - not less than 100 mA.

The limits of error (in the range of 0,01 mA to 0,1 mA) - ± 15%.

Amplitude value of the ripple voltage - no more than 5%.

Failure time of the output voltage protection trip - no more than 1 s.

Weight - not more than 45 kg.

Dimensions - 280x480x475 mm.

Operating conditions of the UPU-21/2:

Ambient - 10º C to 35º C.

Relative humidity at 25º C - 80%.

Pressure unit - from 84 kPa to 105,7 kPa (630 mm hg to 800 mm hg).

AC voltage - 220 V.

The frequency of the AC - 50 Hz.

Power consumption - no more than 500 V·A.

Warm-up time - no more than 5 minutes.

Time of continuous operation of the UPU-21/2 - at least 8 hours.

MTBF - not less than 5000 hours.

Average life settings - at least 5 years.

Average storage time for heated storage - at least 4 years.

Average time running again - no more than 4 hours.

Photos: UPU-21/2

UPU-21/2 system image.
UPU-21/2 system image.
UPU-21/2 front view.
UPU-21/2 front view.
UPU-21/2 side view.
UPU-21/2 side view.
UPU-21/2 rear view.
UPU-21/2 rear view.
UPU-21/2 overhead view.
UPU-21/2 overhead view.
UPU-21/2 bottom view.
UPU-21/2 bottom view.