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Motor UL-042-28 Universal Collector (UL04228, UL 042 28, UL-04228, UL 04228, UL042-28, UL042 28)
Motor UL-042-28 Universal Collector is designed for use in machines and mechanisms for the textile industry (tying machine elektropryalka), as well as various tools, machines, machines for household and medical equipment, drilling and grinding machines, mechanisms for moving targets.
Motors are available in two versions mounting: flange and on the feet.
Technical data for motors UL-042-28 Universal collector:
Power - 60W;
Type of current product motor UL-042-28 Universal Collector - constant, variable;
Voltage - 220V, 220V;
Current - 0.50 A, 0.57 A;
Rotational speed motor products universal collector UL-042-28 - 8000ob/min;
Efficiency - 58%;
Power factor of the motor products Universal UL-042-28 Collector - 0.90;
Weight - 1.25 kg;
Motor UL-042-28 should be stored in dry indoors in the packaging container at a temperature of -50 º C to +40 º C in the absence of fumes and gases, harmful effect on the metal and insulation of the motor;
Relative humidity should not exceed 98% at 28 º C;
The warranty period shall be 2.5 years from the start of operation, but not more than the period of use of the guarantee and no more than three years from the date of shipment of the motor with the manufacturer;
The manufacturer guarantees that the product quality motor UL-042-28 Universal collecting technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.