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UAOT05-01 Optocoupler UAOT05-01.


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Optocoupler UAOT05-01 (UAOT0501, UAOT-05-01, UAOT 05 01, UAOT05 01, UAOT-0501, UAOT 0501)
Optocoupler UAOT05-01 is used in sensors, and accounts of the grain pellet fertilizer agricultural machines.
Technical specifications are optocouplers UAOT05-01:
Switching current in the output voltage of 5V, 30mA current sensor - 5mA;
Voltage sensor - 5V-16V;
Operating current transducer - 30mA 50mA-;
Current transfer ratio - 80% -150%;
Dark current sensor products optocoupler UAOT05-01 at a supply voltage 6V - 0.05 mA, 0, 1 mA;
The rise time pulse output current when the resistance of one ohm - 0.02 ms-0, 1 ms;
Pulse fall time of output current with a resistance of 1 kOhm - 0.05 ms-0, 1 ms;
The voltage on the emitter of optocoupler products UAOT05-01 at a current of 30mA sensor - 5.5-7V;
The reverse breakdown voltage of the emitter - 7B;
Operating temperature - from -10 º C to +70 º C;
Storage Temperature - from -40 º C to +85 º C;
Dual Channel Optocoupler fototranzistornaya open slit optical channel;
Optocoupler UAOT05-01 has two buildings, light emitter - LED series circuit;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality optocoupler UAOT05-01 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.