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UAOT01 Optocoupler UAOT01.


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Optocoupler UAOT01 (UAOT-01, UAOT 01)
Optocoupler UAOT01 used in a complete set of electronic cash registers.
Technical specifications are optocouplers UAOT01:
Saturation voltage of an incoming current 10 mA, 0.2 mA current coming out - 0.3 V-0, 4B;
The maximum output voltage of the incoming current of 0 mA - 8V-15V;
Current transfer ratio of an incoming current of 10 mA - 10% -80%;
The output current of optocoupler products UAOT01 in the closed position and the backlight is not a 500lk an incoming stream of 0 mA, output voltage 8V - 1mA-50mA;
Forward voltage drop across the LED current of 10mA at incoming - 1.3 B-1, 6B;
The maximum LED current products optocoupler UAOT01 - 50mA;
The rise time pulse output current when the resistance of one ohm - 50ms-80ms;
Pulse fall time of output current with a resistance of 1 kOhm - 50ms-80ms;
Dual Channel Optocoupler fototranzistornaya open slit optical channel;
Optocoupler has UAOT01 hermetic design, plastic case;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality optocoupler UAOT01 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

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