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    Power U5-11 (U5 11, U 5-11, U 5 11, U-5-11, U-11 5; u5-11; u5 11; u 5-11; u 5 11; u-5-11; u-5 11)
    U5-11 amplifier - a device designed to match the signal source having a large output impedance with a recording device that has a low-impedance analog input.

    Gain range:
    - Current - from 10fA up to 10mA;
    - Voltage - 0.01 mV to 200V.
    Power consumption - 7W.
    Dimensions - 290 × 180 × 86mm.
    Weight - 2.5 kg.

U5-11 amplifiers can be used:
    - Measurement, the parameters of discrete active components and integrated circuits;
    - With high-resistance studies of physical objects (insulators and semiconductors) in the ion gauge, etc.;
    - Measurement of intracellular potentials in studies with isotopes, etc.;
    - In gas chromatographs, gas analyzers, etc.;
    - In studies with measurement of electric current in the atmosphere, as measured concentrations of ions etc.

Specifications U5-11

    Amplifier U5-11 have gain error voltage ± 0,25%.
    Input impedance mode voltage gain of at least 10POm.

    Amplifier U5-11 allows continuous operation under the operating conditions during the day at which time instability of the zero level voltage to a reduced entry does not exceed:
    - 3 mV for the first 1.5 hours (after a setup time of 30 minutes);
    - 3 mV for the next 23 hours, the temporal instability of zero for any hour shall not exceed 0.5 mV.

    Repeatability amplifier U5-11 zero-mode current gain does not exceed:
    5 pA in the first 1.5 h (after a setup time 30 min.)
    5 pA for the remaining time.

    Time interval to restart after the time of continuous operation does not exceed 30 minutes.

Operating conditions U5-11

    U5-11 amplifier is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from 5 ° C to 40 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 84kPa - 106.7 kPa;
    - Relative humidity - 80% (at 25 ° C).

Amplifiers U5-11 are operational:
    - When powered by AC current, voltage 220V 50Hz;
    - In the absence of shocks, vibrations, fixed and variable electric field strength above 0.1 V / m and magnetic field strength of 0.1 A / m

Photos У5-11

U5-11 device image.
U5-11 device image.
U5-11 front view.
U5-11 front view.
U5-11 side view.
U5-11 side view.
U5-11 rear view.
U5-11 rear view.
U5-11 overhead view.
U5-11 overhead view.
U5-11 bottom view.
U5-11 bottom view.