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Current transformer TZLM-I (TZLM-1)

Also this device can be called: TZLMI, TZLM I, TZLM-1 TZLM1, TZLM 1, T3LM-I, T3LMI, T3LM I.


TZLM-I current transformer is designed to supply circuits relaying ground-fault individual lived through the transformation of a three-phase cable with any residual currents and installed on the cable.


Transformers are designed for installation in complete switchgear (KRU), can be manufactured in a plastic housing, and in the cast design (speaker).


Transformers TZLM-I have two versions of embodiment the diameter of the hole for the passage of the cable:

- diameter window TZLM-I-1 - 71 mm;

- diameter window TZLM-I-2 - 101 mm.


Specifications TZLM-I:


Rated voltage - 0.66 kV.

Rated frequency - 50 Hz.

The transformation ratio - 25/1.

A one-second thermal current - 140 A.

One minute test voltage - 3 kV.


Type of relay RT-140/0.2 RTZ-51
Scale used relays from 0.1 A to 0.2 A from 0.02 A to 0.1 A
Current setpoint 0.1 A 0.03 A
Sensitivity of protection to the primary current when a single transformer 8.5 A 2.8 A
a series connection of two transformers 10.2 A 3.2 A
for parallel connection of two transformers 12.5 A 4.8 A


Housing material:

- TZLM-I-1 - fire resistant plastic;

- TZLM-I-2 - epoxy compound.


Transformer weight:

- TZLM-I cast resin - not more than 3.3 kg;

- TZLM-I in a plastic case - not more than 2.3 kg;

- TZLM-I-1 in the plastic case - not more than 3.6 kg;

- TZLM-I-2 with cast insulation - not more than 5.2 kg.


Ability to work transformers TZLM-1 microprocessor protection BMRZ firm STC "Mechatronics" series 75J60 company «Siemens», series P 120, P 140 company «Alstom».


Transformers TZLM-1 are formed as a support structure. The yoke is made of electrical steel. The secondary winding is wound on a magnetic core. Performs the role of the primary winding three-phase cable switchgear up to 10 kV, passed through a window transformers. Home insulation between the conductors of the cable and transformer secondary winding TZLM-I provided insulated cable.


Operating conditions TZLM-I:


Height above sea level - not more than 1000 m.

Top of the ambient temperature, taking into account heat the air inside the switchgear - +50° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 100%.


Environment not explosive, without dust, corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that deplete the coating metals and insulation.

Transformers operating position in space - any.


Isolation transformers in the cast version - class B and class flammability FH (GHG) 1.

Isolation transformers, manufactured in plastic case - heat resistance class Y.


Transformers TZLM-1 have a climatic version "Y", category 2.

Photos: TZLM-I

TZLM-I transformer image.
TZLM-I transformer image.
TZLM-I front view.
TZLM-I front view.
TZLM-I side view.
TZLM-I side view.
TZLM-I rear view.
TZLM-I rear view.
TZLM-I overhead view.
TZLM-I overhead view.
TZLM-I bottom view.
TZLM-I bottom view.
TZLM-I cast resin. Overall dimensions.
TZLM-I cast resin. Overall dimensions.
TZLM-I in a plastic housing. Overall dimensions.
TZLM-I in a plastic housing. Overall dimensions.