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TV-2 (TB-2)

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    Probe coupler TV-2 (TV2, TV 2; tb-2; tb2; tb 2)
    Probe coupler TV 2 - an apparatus for inclusion in wavemeter waveguide transmission line 10 cm waveband.
    The instrument is designed for use in laboratory and field conditions craft.

    Overall dimensions 150 × 102 × 115mm.
    Weight 1.2 kg.

    Probe coupler TV 2 represents a segment of a rectangular waveguide provided with flanges at the ends of pin, for the waveguide line.
    In the middle of the broad side of the waveguide segment reinforced tube fixed within which another tube moves with the probe extending into the waveguide.
    Probe TV-2 is mounted on a brass cup, isolated from the walls of the fixed tube polystyrene lining. Inside the glass to its bottom soldered one end of the resistance value 50Om. Resistance is set along the axis of the tube and goes into a brass core, which forms the center conductor of the coaxial line, ending with a connector for connecting a flexible feeder wavemeter.
    The degree of coupling a coaxial line to the waveguide is adjusted by moving the movable tube.