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TUZ-3 Thickness ACE-3 ultrasonic.


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Thickness TUZ-3 ultrasound (TUZ3, TUZ 3)
Thickness TUZ-3 is designed for ultrasonic thickness measurement of various products from metals and non-metals, including products, which can be accessed from one side only.
It can be used in all industries.
With the help of the device thickness TUZ-3 ultrasonic thickness measured the pipes, pressure vessels, boilers and other responsible and highly dangerous objects, including to determine the extent of corrosion and erosion wear on the residual thickness.
There are two versions of the instrument TUZ-3-5 and TUZ-3-10 with built-in inverters respectively 5MHz and 10MHz.
Features of the device thickness TUZ-3 Ultrasound:
- Over the small size and weight;
- Easy to use;
- Easy change of the converter directly to operating conditions;
- High contrast display;
- Calibration of the same mold;
- Correction of errors due to V-shaped trajectory of ultrasound;
- Backlight;
- Battery backup;
- Built-in piezoelectric transducer;
- Durable aluminum housing, heavy duty.
Technical characteristics of the devices Thickness TUZ-3 ultrasonic:
Measuring range for steel:
- TUZ-3-5 - 1.2 mm-199, 9mm;
- TUZ-3-10 - 0.6 mm to 50 mm;
Working frequency of the converter unit thickness TUZ-3 ultrasonic:
- TUZ-3-5 - 5 MHz;
- TUZ-3-10 - 10 MHz;
Measurement error - ± (0,1 +0,005) H;
The resolution of the instrument ultrasonic thickness gauge TUZ-3 - 0.1 mm;
Setting range of ultrasonic velocity - 100m/s-9999m/s;
Speed ​​setting resolution ultrasound device thickness TUZ-3 Ultrasound - 1 m / s;
Operating temperature range - from -10 º C to +50 º C;
Electrical power to the unit ultrasonic thickness gauge TUZ-3 - Cordless 2.4 V;
Continuous operation - no less than 20 hours;
Housing protection - IP65;
Dimensions of the device thickness TUZ-3 ultrasound (without probe) - no more 85h40h22mm;
Weight - not more than 0.2 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device thickness TUZ-3 ultrasonic technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.