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     Leak Detector TTs-META - this is a portable device - an indicator for detecting leakage of flammable gases and vapors in the gas appliances and fittings for industrial and domestic purposes, residential and industrial premises.

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Giving 30% from cost devices
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    Also, this device may be referred to: TTs META, TTsMETA.

    TTs-META detects leakage of methane, butane, propane, ammonia, benzene, acetylene, alcohol, and other gases.


    The range of controlled concentrations (for propane)
    - Lower flammability limit GOST R 51330.19-99 - from 0 to 60%;
    - About. share - from 0 to 1.02%.
    Time readiness leak detector TTs-META to work - 50 seconds.
    Response time - 10 seconds.
    Power from an independent battery - 3,6 V.
    Supply current - 250 mA.
    Dimensions - 210x75x45 mm.
    Weight - 800
    Monitoring battery with a decrease to 3 V.
    Benefits TTs-META:

    - Display the results on a digital display with backlight;
    - The device is equipped with an extension that provides easy search for possible leaks in confined spaces;
    - Powered by autonomous internal battery;
    - Switchable audible alarm;
    - The ability to connect the headphones to work in noisy environments;
    - Shock-resistant housing.

Photos: TTs-META