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CP8512 Frequency counter TSP8512, thermometer TSP8512.


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Frequency CP8512, thermometer CP8512 (CP 8512, CP-8512)
Frequency CP8512, CP8512 thermometer designed to measure the frequency and temperature.
Class of accuracy - 0.05, 1.
Technical characteristics of the devices CP8512 frequency counters, thermometers CP8512:
The basic error of frequency measurement ± 0,05%, temperature ± 1%. The presence of 1 to 3 built-in relay with an opportunity for input from 2 to 6 set points for temperature (input to the memory meter to 7 graphs track temperature over time), the analog output 0 mA or 4 mA-5 mA to 20 mA.
On request is possible to manufacture devices CP8512 frequency, thermometer CP8512: built-in switching power supply for direct voltage from 105V to 300V AC and 85V to 260V and up to RS-485 interface.