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CP8506/1-8, /17-24, /9-16, /25-32

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Wattmeter CP8506, varmetr CP8506 (CP 8506, CP-8506)
Wattmeter CP8506, varmetr CP8506 designed for measuring active or reactive power three-phase three-wire circuits the AC frequency of 45Hz to 55Hz, transforming it into an analog output signal.
Dimensions - 120h120h150mm.
Accuracy class - 0.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters CP8506, varmetry CP8506:
Power meter for three-phase networks CP8506/1-8 shield, CP8506/17-24.
Varmetr for three-phase networks CP8506/9-16 shield, CP8506/25-32.
For all product versions wattmeter CP8506, varmetr CP8506 basic error of ± 0,5%, the analog output of 0 mA-5 mA range, 0 mA ± 5 mA, 4 mA-12mA-20mA, 4mA to 20mA, AC 100V, 220V, 50Hz, or the measured the network.
By the order of execution of the instrument may wattmeter CP8506, varmetr CP8506: built-in switching power supply for direct voltage from 105V to 300V AC and 80V to 260V and up to RS-485 interface.