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CP8501 TSP8501 ammeter, voltmeter TSP8501, milliammeter TSP8501 digital.


It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
CP8501 ammeter, voltmeter CP8501, digital milliammeter CP8501 (CP 8501, CP-8501)
CP8501 ammeter, voltmeter CP8501, milliammeter CP8501 intended for incorporation into equipment for general industrial use.
Technical characteristics of the devices CP8501 ammeters, voltmeters CP8501, milliammeter CP8501:
Milliammeter shield CP8501 / 1 -6 (arbitrary scale);
Ammeter AC panelboard CP8501 / 7 -14;
Voltmeter AC panelboard CP8501/15 -26;
For all versions of the basic error of ± 0,5%, the analog output 0 mA or 4 mA-5 mA to 20 mA, power supply 100V, 220V, 50 Hz.
On request also available devices CP8501 ammeter, voltmeter CP8501, milliammeter CP8501: built-in switching power supply for direct voltage from 105V to 300V AC and 85V to 260V and up to RS-485 interface.