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    Tester Ts4360 (Ts 4360, Ts-4360)
    Tester Ts4360 - Analog combined unit for measuring various parameters of AC and DC.
    Accuracy class - 2.5, 4.0.
    - Voltage - 0 - 1 kV;
    - Current - 0 - 2.5 A;
    - Resistance - 0 - 100MOm.
    Operating Frequency Range - 45Hz - 20kHz.
    Tester Ts4360 is used in the repair, maintenance, electrical and radio equipment to amateur radio, laboratory and workshop practice.

    Technical specifications Ts4360

    Testers Ts4360 has a limit of permissible basic error not exceeding in all measuring ranges:
    - ± 4,0% of full scale value when measuring current, voltage on the length scale for measuring the level of AC voltage;
    - ± 2,5% of the length scale for the measurement of DC resistance.

    Ts4360 testers are designed for indoor use with the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -10 ᵒ C to +40 ᵒ C;
    - Relative humidity - up to 90% (at +30 ᵒ C).
    The manufacturer guarantees that the testers Ts4360 technical requirements under normal use, storage, transportation and installation. Ts4360 tester meets the requirements ensuring the safety of life, health, consumer and environmental protection.

Photos: Ts4360

Ts4360 device image.
Ts4360 device image.
Ts4360 view panel of device.
Ts4360 view panel of device.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 side view.
Ts4360 bottom view.
Ts4360 bottom view.

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