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Ц4352М1 (TS4352M1)

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The device is combined TS4352M1 (TS-4352-M1, TS 4352 M1, TS4352-M1, TS4352 M1, TS-4352M1, TS 4352M1)
The device is combined TS4352M1 designed to measure AC and DC current and voltage, and resistance.
The device provides high measurement accuracy.
Technical characteristics of the devices devices combined TS4352M1:
Measuring range
DC current - 0.3 mA 1500mA;
AC current - 1.5 mA 15000mA;
DC - 0,075 V-1200V;
AC voltage - 0,075 In-1200V;
DC Resistance - 0.2 ohms-5000 ohms;
Frequency response - 45Hz-65Hz-10000Gts;
Input impedance instrument instrument TS4352M1 combined with direct current - 0.66 ohms / V;
Input impedance at AC - 0.66 ohms / V;
Power supply - independent;
Dimensions of the device unit combined TS4352M1 - 215h115h90mm;
Weight - 1 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument unit combined TS4352M1 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos Ц4352М1 (TS4352M1)

Ts4352M1 device image.
Ts4352M1 device image.
Ts4352M1 delivery set.
Ts4352M1 delivery set.
Ts4352M1 front view.
Ts4352M1 front view.
Ts4352M1 side view.
Ts4352M1 side view.
Ts4352M1 rear view.
Ts4352M1 rear view.
Ts4352M1 overhead view.
Ts4352M1 overhead view.

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