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Device combined Ts435

Also this device can be called: Ts-435, Ts 435.


Ts435 combined device is used for directly measure the voltage in the DC and AC current and DC resistance.


Testers Ts435 measuring unit is equipped with a magneto system within framework magnet. The principle of action of these mechanisms is based on the interaction of the measured current flowing through the conductors of the movable coil, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet.


Specifications Ts435:


Measurement range:

- a DC voltage - from 0,075 V to 1000 V;

- alternating voltage - from 2.5 V to 1000 V;

- DC current - from 0.05 mA to 2500 mA;

- AC power - from 5 mA to 2500 mA;

- DC resistance - from 3 kOhm to 3 MOhm;

- capacity - 0.3 mcF.


Frequency response - from 45 Hz to 20 000 Hz.

Accuracy class Ts435 when measuring DC voltage and current, resistance - 2.5.


Internal resistance for voltage measurements:

- DC - 20 Ohm/V;

- AC - 2 kOhm/V.


Operating position - horizontal.

Tolerance - ±2%.


Changing the readings at a deviation from their normal position from horizontal to 10° in any direction does not exceed the permissible error.


Reading changes testers Ts435 caused by a change in frequency from the border regions to the nominal values of all fields in the extended frequency when measuring AC current and voltage, the relative level of the AC voltage does not exceed the allowable values of basic errors.


Measurement error caused by the deviation of the curve from the current or voltage of substantially sinusoidal under the influence of the second, third or fifth harmonic component equal to 5% of the operating value of the measured current or voltage does not exceed the basic error.


Isolation devices between all isolated circuits and housing units at normal temperature and humidity can withstand for 1 min test voltage of substantially sinusoidal waveform and frequency of 50 Hz.


Dimensions - 205×110×84 mm.

Ts435 weight - not more than 1.3 kg.


Operating conditions Ts435:


Air temperature - from +15° C to +25° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.

Voltage waveform - sine.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of devices Ts435 requirements of existing technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: Ts435

Ts435 device image.
Ts435 device image.
Ts435 device image.
Ts435 device image.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 side view.
Ts435 bottom view.
Ts435 bottom view.