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Wattmeter Ts42303, Ts42303 varmetr (Ts42303/1, Ts 42303, Ts-42303)
Wattmeter Ts42303, Ts42303 varmetr designed to measure active and reactive power in three-phase alternating current at frequencies 50Hz, 60Hz with uniform and non-load phases.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters Ts42303, Ts42303 varmetry:
The devices are designed for measuring active or reactive power in three-phase electrical circuits, AC 50Hz-60Hz with uniform or nonuniform loading phases.
Wattmeter Ts42303 / 1 is designed to measure active power in single-phase AC networks 50Hz, 60Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz.
Devices wattmeter Ts42303, Ts42303 varmetr made ​​on the basis of the electronic converter input signal to DC and the magnetoelectric device with a magnet and vnutriramochnym moving part in the cores, placed in a single package.
Wattmete Ts42303, Ts42303 varmetr (phase current); wattmeter Ts42303 / 1 (single phase)
Power factor
Rated voltage, V
Rated current, A
Way to incorporate
Operating conditions
For wattmeter
cosφ = 1
For varmetra
sinφ = 1
Temperature -40 º C ...+50 ° C, relative humidity 95% at +35 ° C.
acceleration of 70 m / s 2
frequency of 10 ... 50 beats per minute.
acceleration of 15m / s 2, the frequency of 30Hz.
1A, 5A
through the current transformer
1A, 5A
through the current transformer and intensity

Photos C42303

Ts42303 device image.
Ts42303 device image.
Ts42303 front view (scale).
Ts42303 front view (scale).
Ts42303 side view (casing depth).
Ts42303 side view (casing depth).
Ts42303 rear view (connection).
Ts42303 rear view (connection).
Ts42303 overhead view.
Ts42303 overhead view.