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    Ts42300 ammeter, voltmeter Ts42300 (Ts 42300; Ts-42300)
    Ts42300 ammeter, voltmeter Ts42300 - appliances intended to be designed to measure current and voltage in electrical circuits alternating current.

    Accuracy class - 2.5.
    Nominal frequency - 45 Hz - 1000 Hz.
    Overall dimensions - 80×80× 50 mm.

    Vibration, impact resistant, splash-proof.
    Structural features Ts42300

    Ammeters Ts42300 and voltmeters Ts42300 come in two types:
    - Magneto system with a rectifier;
    - Electromagnetic system.

    Ammeters Ts42300 and voltmeters  Ts42300 magnetoelectric with a rectifier are vnutriramochnym meter with a magnet, drawing on cores or banners and rectifier in the measuring circuit.

Ammeter Ts42300 and voltmeter Ts42300 used for measuring sinusoidal ac voltage with a frequency of 30Hz to 20kHz. The combination of the magnetoelectric with rectifier mechanism allows you to measure the current value of the sinusoidal voltage or current for use in circuits with an undistorted form of a sinusoidal current.

The device is Ts42300 performed with square front panels and round or square buildings. The degree of protection IP50 housing meet or IP54, protection of current-carrying rods - IP00.

    Ammeter Ts42300 and voltmeter Ts42300 electromagnetic systems measure AC current and voltage directly to the electrical circuits. Apparatus Ts42300 electromagnetic systems are based on the interaction of the magnetic field of the measured current (current flowing through the coil), with one or more cores made ​​of magnetic material.

    On a design ammeter Ts42300 and voltmeter Ts42300 electromagnetic systems have two types of measurement mechanisms:
    - A flat coil and a movable core of magnetic material is drawn into the gap of the planar coil when current is passed;
    - A circular coil with two cores inside coil fixed and movable (one or two) that, when the measured current passing through the coil of like magnetized and repel each other, thereby the arrow, which is mounted on a moveable axis deviates.

    Drawing instruments Ts42300 served in Figure 1., And overall dimensions - in Table 1.

TS42300 voltmeter and TS42300 ammeter drawing device

Figure 1. Drawing devices such as Ts42300.
    Table 1.
Overall dimensions
A B C D D1 d E
80mm 36mm 14mm 69mm 77,5mm 3,4mm 68mm

    Specifications Ts42300

    The connections and the end values ​​of the range of measurements for devices such as Ts42300 served in Table 2.

    Table 2.
Name and type of instrument The final value of the measuring range The connection method
Ammeter Ts42300 50mkA; 100uA, 200uA; 300mkA; 500mkA Directly
1mA, 5mA, 10mA, 15mA, 10mA - 30mA, 15mA - 50mA, 30mA - 100mA, 50mA - 150mA, 100mA - 300mA, 150mA - 500mA, 300mA - 1000mA
Voltmeter Ts42300 0.5 - 3V, 2V - 15V, 30V, 50V, 75V, 150V, 250V, 300V, 500V, 600V
   The normal frequency range 45 Hz - 1000 Hz. Operating frequency range - 30Hz - 45Hz, 1kHz - 20kHz (for ammeters Ts42300) and 30 Hz - 45 Hz, 1 kHz - 10 kHz (for voltmeters Ts42300).

    Ammeters Ts42300 and voltmeters Ts42300  suitable for use in the following conditions:
    - The ambient air temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C%
    - Relative humidity 95% at +35 ° C.

    Ammeter Ts42300  and voltmeter Ts42300 stand:
    - Vibration acceleration of 5 m / s 2 - 30 m / s 2, the frequency of 10Hz - 70Hz;
    - Hitting an acceleration of 70m / s 2, the frequency of attacks 10ud/min - 50ud/min.

Photos C42300

TS42300 front view (scale).
TS42300 front view (scale).
TS42300 side view (casing depth).
TS42300 side view (casing depth).
TS42300 rear view (connection).
TS42300 rear view (connection).