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    Voltmeter TS4204M
    Also, this device can be called: Ts-4204M, Ts 4204M, Ts4204-M, Ts4204 M, Ts-4204M, Ts 4204-M, Ts-4204 M, c4204m, c-4204m, c 4204m.
    Voltmeter TS4204M - device-coil system with rectifier is designed to measure the voltage in AC single-phase sinusoidal current.
    The device equipped with indicating the form of providing information, a uniform scale, the zero marker is located within or on the edge of the measuring range.
    The housing units - small, are made ​​with plastic, which protects the measuring mechanism from dirt and damage from dust and splashes.
Specifications voltmeter TS4204M
    Dimensions 80x80x47 mm.
    Accuracy class: 2.5.
    Measurement ranges TS4204M: 0.5-3V 1-7,5 V 3V 7.5 V, 15V, 30V, 50V, 75V, 150V, 250V, 300V, 500V, 600V.
    Current full deflection:
- For the first two ranges-250mkA;
- For other bands - 100uA.
    The normal frequency range 45-1000Hz.
    Operating frequency range 30-45Hz, 1000-10000Hz.
    Operating conditions TS4204M
    Temperature -50 to +60 ° C.
    Relative humidity 95% at 35 ° C.
    Changing the readings voltmeters TS4204M caused a deviation from the normal ambient air to any temperature within the limits established following operating conditions must conform to ± 1,2% for every 10 ° of temperature change.
    Unit weight is not more than 0.13 kg.
    MTBF of 42,000 hours.
    Average life of 12 years.

Photos: Ts4204M

Ts4204M front view (scale).
Ts4204M front view (scale).
Ts4204M side view (casing depth).
Ts4204M side view (casing depth).
Ts4204M rear view (connection).
Ts4204M rear view (connection).