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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

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Voltmeter TS1611 (TS-1611, TS 1611)
For measurements of voltage AC, 50 Hz, mounted on control panels and switchboards electric drives and electric rolling stock.      
Overall dimensions of 120x120mm.
Accuracy class 1.5.
Resistant to shaking, vibration resistance, shock-resistant.
Voltmeter TS1611 is designed to measure AC voltage, 50 Hz, mounted on control panels and switchboards electric drives and electric rolling stock. Voltmeters TS1611 operates at ambient temperatures from -60 ° C to +60 ° C, in terms of dropping out of frost, and at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.
Of the pointer device from zero does not exceed 2.8 mm. Settling time moving part 3c. Warm-up time 15 minutes.
Measurement ranges TS1611 and ways to connect the device are given in Table. 1. Admissible additional error caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature of (20 ± 5) ° C and any (ranging from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C at a humidity of 80%) at 10 K, does not exceed the range of ± 0,75% measurement under the influence of high humidity of 95% at 35 ° C - can reach, ± 1,5%; influenced uniform external magnetic field with induction of 0.5 mT with a sinusoidally varying 50Hz - reaches ± 1,5%; due to the influence ferromagnetic shield thickness (2 ± 0,5) mm - can be up to ± 0,5%; when you reject a voltmeter from the normal (vertical) position in any direction by 45 ° - may not exceed ± 1%, with a deviation voltage waveform from the sinusoidal - can be up to ± 2%. Power consumption TS1611 5V∙A.
Weight 2kg, scale length 185mm. Mean time between failures is 49000ch. The average service life of 20 years. In terms of resistance to climatic influences device complies with GOST.
Table 1. Measurement ranges and how to connect the device voltmeter TS1611
Measurement range
Switching on the instrument
0 - 30V
The direct
0 - 50V
0 - 150V
0 - 250V
0 - 500V
0 - 12,000 V unit
With voltage transformer 10000/380.
0 - 30000V
With VTs 25000/380, 25000/220 and 25000/100.

Photos: TS1611

TS1611 voltmeter image.
TS1611 voltmeter image.
TS1611 front view (scale).
TS1611 front view (scale).
TS1611 side view (casing depth).
TS1611 side view (casing depth).
TS1611 rear view (connection).
TS1611 rear view (connection).
TS1611 overhead view.
TS1611 overhead view.
TS1611 bottom view.
TS1611 bottom view.