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C1603 Voltmeter TS1603.


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Voltmeter C1603 (C 1603, C-1603)
Voltmeter C1603 is designed to measure current in AC circuits.
Dimensions - 160h30h260mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters C1603:
These test instruments are designed to measure AC units for various applications.
The main parameters of the devices voltmeter C1603 below.
Accuracy class: 1.5;
Measurement ranges of devices voltmeter C1603: 0V-50V, 0V-100V, 0V-150V, 0V-200V;
The parameters controlled by the network:
- Nominal frequency 50 Hz or 400 Hz;
- Horizontal or vertical design (optional);
Overall dimensions voltmeter C1603: 160h30h260mm;
Degree of protection: IP54.