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Tests for the detection of hard drugs Tests to determine the solid drugs.

Tests for the detection of hard drugs

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
Tests for drugs firm
Tests for hard drugs are intended for preliminary identification of solid objects in which the suspected presence of opium, cannabis (marijuana, hashish, marijuana), barbiturates, and natural and synthetic opiates (morphine, heroin, codeine), promedola, amphetamines, cocaine, lysergic acid and its derivatives.
The tests are designed to equip the service for the detection of hard drugs at an ambient temperature of 0 º C to 40 º C.
Product specifications are tests for solid drugs:
P2 test - to identify marijuana, hashish, hemp;
P3 test - to determine the opium;
F1 Test - to determine the morphine, heroin, codeine, promedola, amphetamines;
Test F2 - to determine the barbiturates;
F3 test - to determine the heroin;
Test F4 - to determine the cocaine;
F5 test - to determine the amphetamines;
F6 test - to determine ephedrine, pseudoephedrine;
F7 test - to determine the lysergic acid, LSD;
F8 test - to determine the morphine, heroin, codeine;
F9 test - to determine the barbiturates;
The composition of products Tests for solid drugs:
- Reagents in ampules, in pencil zakomplektovannye - 2 pcs. 3 pc.;
- Spoon Sampling - 1 pc.;
- Container - 1 pc.;
- A box - 1 pc.
The composition of the test P3 additionally includes a second container;
Warranty period of storage products Tests for hard drugs a year.