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Testo 816 NEW

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    The sound level meter Testo 816 NEW (testo-816; testo816)
    The sound level meter Testo 816 NEW - professional instrument designed to measure the sound pressure level. He also define bursts, fixing the maximum and minimum values ​​of the audio signal.
    Accuracy class 2.
    Measurement range - from 30 dB to 130 dB from 3.5 kHz to 8 kHz.
    Accuracy - ± 1 dB.
    Resolution - 0.1 dB.
    Dimensions - 309×68×50mm.
    Weight - 0,315 kg.
    Testo 816 new Sound Level Meters are used for measuring noise in production to monitor working conditions in the workplace. Also, the noise meter testo 816 can also be used at service stations vehicles.
    Sound level meter Testo 816 NEW is used for the measurement of sound insulation of buildings (for example, comparing the readings at the open and closed windows), the force measurement of sound pressure at the concerts, discos, etc.

    Structural features of Testo 816 NEW

    Sound level meter Testo 816 NEW consists of a microphone, and an electronic device and a display. Measured parameters are as close to the feeling a person for this device comes with a set of filters that provide a frequency response is identical to the human ear.

    Sound level meters Testo 816 NEW has the following advantages:
    - The ability to work from the power supply 220;
    - Large graphic display with backlight;
    - Two outputs for connection to amplifiers and for the filing of the measured signal to the registrars;
    - Instantaneous measurement of the noise intensity;
    - The possibility of carrying out measurements for a predetermined period of time.

    Specifications Testo 816 NEW

    Testo 816 NEW Sound Level Meters are available in four versions - testo 816/1, testo 816/2, testo 816/3, testo 816/4.
    Basic specifications filed in Table 1.
    Table 1.
Technical characteristics
The frequency characteristics
A, C
Time characteristics
LOW (slow), FAST (fast) and IMPULSE (pulse)
The noise floor
Memory Capacity
419 000 measurement points (100 units)

    The testo 816 NEW can use the power from the following sources:
    - 3 alkaline AA batteries or rechargeable batteries;
    - The DC voltage of 5V (via the Mini-B USB 5S)

    The sound level meter testo 816 New operates in the following terms:
    - Relative Humidity - 90%;
    - The ambient air temperature - 0 - 40 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 65kPa - 108kPa.

    Sound level meter Testo 816 NEW must be kept under the following conditions:
    - Relative Humidity - 90%;
    - Ambient temperature - 20 ° C - 60 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 65kPa - 108kPa.

Photos: Testo 816 NEW

Testo 816 NEW device image.
Testo 816 NEW device image.