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TES-5020 (TEC-5020)

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    Power supply TES-5020 (TES5020; TEC 5020).

    Block TES-5020 (TEC-5020) - a device that is intended for use as a power source DC voltage or current, highly stable output values ​​when the mains voltage and the output load, and is also used for the study of different integrated circuits and transistors. Blocks TES-5020 are used in scientific research institutions, the bases for technical development, factories, physical and chemical laboratories, repair shops, etc.
    The main technical characteristics of the TES-5020 (TEC-5020):
    - The range of output voltage: 0.05-60V;
    - Range of output current: 0.05-5A;
    - Automatic extension ranges: 60V, 50V, 40V, 3.3A, 4A, 5A;
    - Maximum Output Power: 200 Watts.

    Each power supply packaged in a protective box, and weighs no more than 15.8 kg.
    Technical characteristics
    Block TES-5020 (TEC-5020) has a visual indication showing the presence of voltage mode, the mode and current mode limits power output.
    The instability of the output voltage of the power in the TES-5020 (TEC-5020)mode voltage (CV) of the input voltage: 0.005% +1 mV.
    Output voltage instability in voltage mode (CV) of the load change is 0.01% +3 mV.
    The drift of the output voltage for devices TES-5020 (TEC-5020) is 0.05% + 10mV.
    The instability of the output current-voltage (CC) of the input voltage - 0.01% + 2mA.
    The instability of the output current-voltage (CC) of the load changes - 0.01% + 5mA.
    Acoustic noise from the units TES-5020 (TEC-5020), at a distance of 1 m from the unit does not exceed 60 dB.
    MTBF for power-TES-5020 (TEC-5020) is about 3000 hours.
    Operating conditions
    Blocks TES-5020 (TEC-5020) are set to work in a room where the nominal operating conditions:
    - Ambient temperature: from 5 º C to 40 º C;
    - Relative humidity 60 ± 15%;
    - Atmospheric pressure 96 ± 10 kPa;
    - The absence of external magnetic fields (except the Earth), which can affect the readings.

Photos: TES-5020 (TEC-5020)

TES-5020 (TEC-5020) device image.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) device image.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) front view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) front view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) side view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) side view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) rear view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) rear view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) overhead view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) overhead view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) bottom view.
TES-5020 (TEC-5020) bottom view.