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TES-24 (TEC-24)

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    Power supply TES-24 (TES24, TES 24, tes-24, tes 24, tes24)
    Power supply TES-24 - stabilized laboratory device designed for use as a DC power supply voltage or current, characterized by high stability th output values ​​when the supply voltage and output load, and is also used for the study of different transistors and integrated circuits.

    Line voltage: 220V, 50Hz.
    The instrument used in the research institutes, the bases for technical development, factories, physical and chemical laboratories, repair shops, etc.

    Technical characteristics of the TES-24

    Product TES-24 has:
    - Output voltage instability caused by varying the supply voltage of +10% to -15% of its nominal value - ± (0,01% +1 mV);
    - Output voltage instability caused by the change in output current from 0 to its nominal value - 0.01% +2 mV.
    - Drift of the output voltage of the TES-24 for 8 hours under normal operating conditions is ± (0,2% +50 mV).

    Temperature Coefficient (instability caused by changes in ambient temperature) is ± (0,05% +3 mV) / ° C. Instability of the output current caused by changes in supply voltage of +10% to -15% of its nominal value - ± (0,02% +2 mA).
    Mean time to failure of power supplies TES-24 1500 hrs. Preheating time 30 minutes.