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TE5-2M LED tachometer TE5-2M.


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LED tachometer TE5-2M (TE52M, TE5 2M)
LED tachometer TE5-2M, complete with speed sensors for continuous remote measurement of the speed shaft aircraft engine, expressed as a percentage of its maximum value, or revolutions per minute in flight and on the ground.
Technical characteristics of the devices tachometer indicators TE5-2M:
Operating temperature range - from -60 º C to +60 º C;
The range of light tachometer readings TE5-2M - from 500ob/min to 5000ob/min;
The working range - from 3500ob/min to 4800ob/min;
The error for the operating range - ± 25ob/min;
The number of mobile systems (arrows) display device tachometer TE5-2M - 1;
Weight - 0.75 kg;
Dimensions - 85h85h175mm;
Shelf-life indicator device tachometer TE5-2M - 2 years;
The term of operation, taking into account the shelf life - 5 years;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument display tachometer TE5-2M with the technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.