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TE-204 tachometer

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Tachometer Sea TE-204 (TE204, TE 204)
TachometerTE-204 is designed for marine remote sensing speed main and auxiliary machinery of ships and boats.
Measurements can be performed on the same shaft (when using the sensor TE-45) or two (when using the sensor TE-204).
Technical characteristics of the devices tachometers Sea TE-204:
Measuring range - 0ob/min-3500ob/min;
The gear ratio speedometer gear unit TE-204 Sea - 1:2;
Operating range - 400ob/min-3000ob/min;
The error in measuring the working part of:
- At 20 º C ± 5 º C - ± 55ob/min;
- At 50 º C ± 5 º C - ± 80ob/min;
- At a temperature of -10 º C ± 5 º C - ± 80ob/min;
Vibration - up to 1,5 g frequency of 20Hz, 80Hz;
Settling time tachometer needle meter instrument TE-204 Sea - not more than 2.5 s;
Interfacial tension sensors
- TE-204 - 26V-30V (at the load - the two measuring devices);
- TE-45 - 26B-30B (on the load - one meter);
- Meter - no more than 0.69 kg;
- Sensor - no more than 1.15 kg;
- Flexible shaft - not more than 0.3 kg;
The service life of the instrument tachometer TE-204 in view of the sea shelf life - 2 years;
Shelf life - 1 year;
Measuring the speed at a distance by means of a system which consists of a flexible shaft, three-phase generator-sensor connecting wires (up to 25m) and the meter.
Tachometer gauges instruments TE-204 maritime design concept are identical except for clearance dial scales because of differences in the range of measurement.Marks, numbers, scales, hand covered with a luminous mass of the interim steps;
To connect the encoder shaft and controlled mechanism used flexible cylinders manufactured in six design options - for the right and left rotation, length 120mm, 300mm or 470mm;
Tachometers are performed in a tropical index "T" in the code of the product;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality tachometer Marine TE-204 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos TE-204

TE-204 device image.
TE-204 device image.
TE-204 delivery set.
TE-204 delivery set.
TE-204 delivery set.
TE-204 delivery set.
TE-204 front view (scale).
TE-204 front view (scale).
TE-204 side view (casing depth).
TE-204 side view (casing depth).
TE-204 rear view (connection).
TE-204 rear view (connection).
TE-204 overhead view.
TE-204 overhead view.