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Taut suspensions G

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The device is produced in 2018.

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    Taut suspensions G (Rubans de suspension, Spannbander)
    Taut suspensions G is designed for mounting the movable part of instrumentation.
    Used as streamers (suspenders) to ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, varmeters, frequency, phase meter, webermeters, teslameters, testers, combined instrument panel-mounted heads and other precision measuring instruments.
    Product specifications taut suspensions G:
    Material taut suspensions G - platinum-silver alloy.
    The following sizes of stretch marks:
G 0.020
G 0.056
G 0.16
G 0.35
G 0.70
G 0.022
G 0.060
G 0.18
G 0.36
G 0.75
G 0.025
G 0.070
G 0.20
G 0.40
G 0.80
G 0.028
G 0.080
G 0.22
G 0.45
G 0.85
G 0.030
G 0.090
G 0.24
G 0.50
G 0.90
G 0.032
G 0.10
G 0.25
G 0.55
G 0.95
G 0.036
G 0.11
G 0.26
G 0.56
G 1.00
G 0.040
G 0.12
G 0.28
G 0.60
G 1.10
G 0.045
G 0.14
G 0.30
G 0.63
G 1.20
G 0.050
G 0.15
G 0.32
G 0.65
G 1.50
Optimum tension on one stretch - 20 G , 25 G , 27 G , 30 G , 32 G , 50 G , 70 G , 75 G , 100 G or more according to specifications .
    Moment at length stretching 100 mm - according to specifications .
    In depending on the application made ​​of different sizes - length 33 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 100 mm , 120 mm, 140 mm or another according to specifications .

    Platinum- silver streamers made ​​of wire in accordance with the requirements of this standard technological regulations , approved in a prescribed order.
    Ovality wire products stretching D should not exceed the limit deviation. On-demand businesses and watch industry wire made ​​with oval , not exceeding one half of the diameter deviation limit.

    Wire surface must be clean and smooth, without cracks .
    Не допускаются поверхностные плевы, риски, раковины, пузыри, вмятины глубиной, превышающей (после контрольной зачистки) предельные отклонения по диаметру.
    Allowed on the surface of the wire taut suspensions G redness, darkening, discoloration and surface damage, not going beyond the wire and the reference sweep for tolerances on diameter.
    Fixing the moving part on extensions allows you to perform sensitive devices with a small counter-torque.
    In addition, extensions create counteracting moment arising when turning box, and serve to supply current to the frame.
High sensitivity taut suspensions G products obtained at a small counter-torque and the absence of friction in the bearings.
Suspension G has high corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, they are non-magnetic and elastic properties to maintain the operation of the device and temperature changes.
    Recommended soldering stretching produce low-melting solder (Sn - 50%; Pb - 32%; Ca - 18%) with an acid-free flux (rosin fluxing lacquer LTI number 2).
    Soldering temperature - not above 150 ° C.
    Not allowed joke stretching and wicking of solder on the working part of the stretch:
    Solder joints should be thoroughly washed with ether.
    Stretching should be soldered to the holder at an angle.
    Stretch marks are performed both external and internal.
    The manufacturer guarantees the quality of taut suspensions measuring instruments G technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, set specifications and operational documentation.
    Stretch marks are produced according to the following standards: GOST 5.233-69, TU25-04-3227-77, OCT 25, 1196-85.
If you need a platinum suspension to a voltmeter E365, E350, E545, D5082, ammeter M903, M906, C33, E539, D5080, wattmeter D365, D5016, D345 varmeters, frequency E361, C300, D362 phasemeter, webermeters M1119, F4356 teslameters or other measuring devices, please contact the sales Zapadpribor. Always glad to help.

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