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    Termomilliampermetr T15 (T-15; T 15; t15; t-15; t 15)

    Termomilliampermetr T15 - a device used to measure the strength of direct and alternating current of high frequency.

    Technical features termomilliampermetrov T15:
    - Accuracy class: 0.1;
    - Measurement range: 10-50mA, 0-100mA, 0-300mA.
    The device works with a thermocouple T15 T-105 and is used in the workshop and laboratory.
    Overall dimensions of the instrument constituting T15:
    - The size of the meter (in the screen) without termpreobrazovatelya: 142h192h90mm;
    - The size of thermocouple T-105: 80h80h40mm.

    Weight components of T15:
    - The weight of the meter (in the display) - 1.2 kg;
    - The weight of thermocouple T-105 - 0.2 kg.

    Technical characteristics of the devices T15:

    - The value of error: ± 1%;
    - Max load - 120%.
    The limits of measurement T15 filed in Table 1.
    Table 1
Measurement range, mA
Frequency range (with tolerance of ± 1%)
Extended frequency range, MHz
20Hz - 25MHz
20Hz - 20MHz
20Hz - 10MHz
Length of the meter is 90mm. Settling time T15 devices - 6 seconds.
    Device T15 is designed for use at ambient temperature of +10 ° C to +35 ° C. Relative humidity should not exceed 80%.

Photos: T15

T15 device image.
T15 device image.
T15 front view (scale).
T15 front view (scale).
T15 side view (casing depth).
T15 side view (casing depth).
T15 rear view (connection).
T15 rear view (connection).
T15 overhead view.
T15 overhead view.
T15 bottom view.
T15 bottom view.