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T 0,66U3 the current transformer

Also, this device can be called: T0, 66U3, T 0,66 U3, T-0.66U3, T-0,66 U3, T-0,66-U3, T0,66 U3.

T-0,66U3 current transformer is designed to transmit an electromagnetic signal from the measuring instruments and information protection and control devices in AC installations.

Transformers T-0,66U3 apply accounting scheme for the calculation and measurement schemes.

Transformers are designed for operation in climatic design "Y" category of accommodation "3" according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical characteristics of the T-0,66U3:

Rated voltage - 0,66 kV.

Rated accuracy class - 0,5; 1.

Rated secondary current - 5 A.

Rated frequency - 50 Hz.

Rated primary current at rated secondary load power factor cosφ = 0,8:

- 6 V·A - 150 A, 200 A, 300 A, 400 A;

- 10 V·A - 300 A, 400 A.

Dielectric strength of the primary winding - 3 kV.

Dielectric strength of the secondary winding - 2 kV.

Safety factor - 10.

Steel housing.

Weight of transformer T-0,66U3 - not more than 0,8 kg.

Current transformers T-066U3 - this reel products with paper-insulated lacquer, twisted ribbon yoke insulated plastic gaskets. Primary leads inserting the measured current, designated L1 and L2, the findings of the secondary winding to which devices are connected, denoted I1 and I2.

The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of T-0,66U3 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: T-0,66U3

T-0,66U3 front view.
T-0,66U3 front view.
T-0,66U3 side view.
T-0,66U3 side view.
T-0,66U3 overhead view.
T-0,66U3 overhead view.
T-0,66U3 bottom view.
T-0,66U3 bottom view.