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Voltmeter SV3010/2 (SW-3010 / 2, NE 3010 / 2, cb3010 / 2, cb-3010 / 2, cb 3010 / 2)
Voltmeter SV3010 / 2is designed for accurate measurement of DC voltage and current values ​​of the AC, as well as for testing of devices AC and DC accuracy class 0.3 and lower.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters SV3010 / 2
Ambient air temperature - 20 º C ± 2 º C;
Relative humidity - 30% -80%;
Atmospheric pressure - 60kPa-106, 7kPa (;
Limits of measurement instrument voltmeter SV3010 / 2 - 75V-150V-300V-600V;
Pressure ranges - from 0,1 U to U;
Frequency range of the measured AC - 45Hz to 65Hz from;
Limits of the basic reduced error of measurement equal to ± 0,1% of full scale;
Voltmeter SV3010 / 2heat and crymophylactic at temperatures ranging from 5 º C to 40 ° C. The limit of additional measurement error due to changes in ambient temperature from normal to any temperature in the temperature range equal to ± 0,1% for every 10 C temperature change;
Voltmeter SV3010 / 2humidity resistant to climatic conditions of the workers and resists the impact of an external magnetic field with induction 0.5 mT, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz at the most unfavorable direction of the magnetic field, as well as in measuring the effective value of alternating current in the frequency range from 45Hz to 1500Hz;
Power - 9V DC voltage-18V, or via external power supply voltages in accordance with the specifications on it;
Consumed by the device voltmeter SV3010 / 2 power - no more than 5W;
Allowed to stand for 1 minute input voltage equal to 1,2 U for the largest full scale;
Maximum voltage drop at the input voltmeter SV3010 / 2 - no more than 100mV;
Continuous operation - 24 hours. A break to re-enable - at least 5 minutes;
Average life instrument voltmeter SV3010 / 2 - not less than 15 years, mean time between failures - at least 40,000 hours under normal conditions of use;
Dimensions - 225h85h200mm;
Weight - less than 1kg.

Photos: СВ3010/2

СВ3010/2 voltmeter image.
СВ3010/2 voltmeter image.
СВ3010/2 front view (scale).
СВ3010/2 front view (scale).
СВ3010/2 side view (casing depth).
СВ3010/2 side view (casing depth).
СВ3010/2 rear view (connection).
СВ3010/2 rear view (connection).
СВ3010/2 overhead view.
СВ3010/2 overhead view.
СВ3010/2 bottom view.
СВ3010/2 bottom view.