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Brake tester STS-4-SP-24 + 5 000$ in GIFT (devices for state technical checkup).

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1 piece

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5 000$ as a gift to  brake stands STS. $ 5 000
as a gift for
brake stand STS
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    Brake stand STS-4-SP-24 is a mobile complex, which consists of a rack, floor support device and the power cabinet. Stands are also equipped with a heated room with a set of office furniture, office equipment and household appliances. Office transported by truck, crane truck mounted and requires no special construction works.


    Also this Brake Tester can be called: STS4SP24, STS4SP-24, STS-4SP24, STS-4SP-24, STS 4 SP 24.
    Brake Tester is designed to test the effectiveness of the service and parking brake systems, as well as stability under braking of cars, vans and small lorries, including all-wheel drive, axle load for travel up to 3 tons.

    The diameter of the wheels (on the bus) - from 520 mm to 790 mm.
    The inner / outer ends of the rollers - 800/2800 mm.



    Measuring force exerted on the control of brake system - from 100 N to 1000 N.
    Meter braking force (for one wheel) - 0-10 kN.
    The initial braking speed on the stand STS-4-SP-24 - 4.4 km / h
    Length of trestle - 11 m
    Power supply voltage - 380 V.
    Power frequency - 50 Hz.
    The installed capacity of electric - 8 kW.
    The range of measurement of weight - up to 3000 kg.
    The maximum power measured maximum brake force for 10 - 20 kW.

    Terms of use:

    Brake stands STS-10U-SP-24 are mobile and can be used both independently and as a basic module for transport companies, in technical control centers and service stations, provided that their electrical network is not connected to the networks of residential houses.
    Operating temperature range - from - 10 ° C to +35 ° C.

    Supplied brake testers STS-4-SP-24:

    The support device - 1 pc.
    Overpass - 1 pc.
    Equipped office - 1 pc.    
    Wardrobe power - 1 pc.
    Weighing System - 1 pc.
    Module 4 WD - 1 pc.
    Remote Control Set - 1 pc.
    The force sensor on the control TC - 1 pc.
    Instrument rack SP-6 - 1 pc.
    The bridge - 2 pcs.
    Chock - 2 pcs.
    Set the PC - Optional consumer.
    Tool set for checking the stand - Optional consumer.
    Brake stands STS-4-SP-24 after passing through the initial calibration can be taken into operation with the provision of the warranty is 12 months from the first day of admission to operation.
    The requirements and application instructions contain technical documentation that comes with the stand. Also, the product provides all the necessary certificates.
    Installation, commissioning and training are carried out under a separate contract and are not included in the cost of equipment.

Photos: STS-4-SP-24

STS-4-SP-24 brake tester.
STS-4-SP-24 brake tester.
STS-4-SP-24 brake stand equipped office.
STS-4-SP-24 brake stand equipped office.