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    Brake stand STS-SP-12P lines are the basis of technical control of vehicles. They represent a stationary structure which consists of a support device and suspension tester slip tester, which are installed at floor level. Suspension tester to determine the parameters of damping and resonance frequency and slip tester intended to diagnose wheel alignment, as well as the measurement of the power of the vehicle straight.


    Also this Brake Tester can be called: STS4SP12P, STS4SP-12P-4SP12P STS, STS-4SP-12P, 12P SP CTC 4.

    With the help of stands STS-4-SP-12P is conducted:


    - Testing of the braking system and the parking in working conditions;
    - Testing the stability under braking;
    - Measurement of the deviation from the straight-line motion;
    - A comprehensive check of vehicle suspensions, including all-wheel drive.
    Wheel diameter diagnosed cars - from 520 to 790 mm.
    Maximum axle - 3 t.
    Specifications brake testers STS-4-SP-12P:

    Frame STS:

    Wheel diameter - from 520 mm to 790 mm.
    Distance between the ends of rollers - 800 mm.
    The distance between the outer ends of the rollers - 2200 mm.
    The initial rate of deceleration, which is simulated by the bench - 4.4 km / h
    The brake force (one wheel) - up to 10 kN.
    The force generated on the control of brake system - from 100 N to 1000 N.
    Mass Measurement - from 0 kg to 3000 kg.
    Supply voltage - 380 V.
    Electrical Power - 8 kW.
    The maximum power measured braking force for 10 - 20 kW.

    Frame SSP:

    Maximum axle - 4 t
    Measuring range - from -20 mm / m to 20 mm / m
    Supply voltage - 230 V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Dimensions - 50h570h500 mm.
    Weight - 25 kg.

    Frame FWT 2010 E:

    The measuring principle - EUSAMA.
    Dynamic wheel load - from 75 kg to 1000 kg.
    The static load on the wheel - from 75 kg to 1500 kg.
    Dimensions - 320h2350h255 mm.
    Weight - 320 kg.
    Supply voltage - 380 V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Fuses - 3pc. 20 A.
    Motor power - 3 kW.
    Maximum track test - 2200 mm.
    The oscillation frequency of the test plates - 24 Hz.
    The amplitude of the vibrations - 6 mm.

    Terms of use:

    Operating temperature range - from +5 ° C to +35 ° C.
    Work brake tester STS-4-SP-12P is based on the principle of forced rotation of the wheel axle of the vehicle inspected or castors for measuring the force that occurs on the surface of the rollers under braking. After entering diagnosed axis pad suspension tester made ​​its weighting. With the help of a sensor measurement is performed on the control power brakes. After receiving information about the weight and axle braking force of each wheel, calculated the total braking force and the coefficient of axial non-uniformity.
    The use when checking the brake system of the classical arrangements of rollers helps reduce errors and eliminate the rollback of the vehicle.
    The rollers are equipped with the stand point of the metal cladding SmG, which provides friction coefficient 0.8 (dry surface) and 0.7 (wet surface). The diameter of the rollers allows you to stand on the brake wheel contact patch, which will be identical to the wheel contact patch with the road.
    The control system stand nd CTC-4-SP-12P allows for self-diagnosis. If there is an emergency situation, the system goes into the "error" and the scoreboard shows an error code. The code is determined by the fault.
    The stand is controlled via the remote control or keypad handheld komp'yutera.

    Brake stands STS-4-SP-12P different from peers:  

    - The lack of outdoor power cabinet;
    - Reduced levels of noise at work;
    - Increasing life of the stand;
    - Self-diagnosis system;
    - Facilitate the departure from the stand of the vehicle;
    - The possibility of completion shall stand instruments and software for service.

    Supplied brake tester STS-4-SP-12P consists of:

    - Frames of foundation SST;
    - SSP frame foundation in 2500;
    - Frames foundation FWT 2010 E;
    - Power cabinet;
    - Weighing systems;
    - Support device;
    - Module 4 WD;
    - Tester checks the wheels slip model SSP 2500;
    - Suspension tester model FWT 2010 E;
    - Set the remote control;
    - Force sensor on the control vehicle;
    - The instrument rack SP-6;
    - Bridge - 2 pcs.;
    - Wheel chock - 2 pcs.
    Consumer demand for additional brake stands STS-4-SP-12P equipped with a set of personal computer and a set of tools for checking the stand.
    Brake ITATION stands STS-4-SP-12P after passing the initial calibration can be taken into operation with the provision of the guarantee of 12 months from the first day of admission to operation.
    The requirements and application instructions contain technical documentation that comes with the stand. Also, the product provides all the necessary certificates.

Photos for tester STS-4-SP-12P

STS-4-SP-12P brake tester.
STS-4-SP-12P brake tester.
STS-4-SP-12P brake tester.
STS-4-SP-12P brake tester.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand the suspension tester FWT-2010 E.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand the suspension tester FWT-2010 E.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand wireless sensor measurement efforts on the control.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand wireless sensor measurement efforts on the control.
STS-4-SP-12P design roller brake stand.
STS-4-SP-12P design roller brake stand.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand tester slip SSP-2500.
STS-4-SP-12P brake stand tester slip SSP-2500.