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Brake tester STS-16U-SP-11N + $ 5 000 in GIFT (devices for state technical checkup).

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5 000$ as a gift to  brake stands STS. $ 5 000
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brake stand STS
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    Brake stand STS-16U-SP-11N is designed to monitor the efficiency of the service and parking brake systems, as well as stability under braking cars vans and mini trucks, including all-wheel drive, axle load to travel up to 16 tons.


    Also this Brake Tester can be called: STS16USP11N, STS 16U SP 11 N, STS-16U-SP11N, STS-16USP-11N, STS16 USP 11N.



    Wheel diameter (bus) from 520 mm to 1300 mm.


    The inner / outer ends of the rollers - 800/2800 mm.


    The design feature of the brake tester STS-16U-SP-11N, which distinguishes it from the stand STS-16U-SP-11 is a lower height and the length of the support device of the stand, allowing you to reduce the depth of the foundation.



    Measuring force exerted on the control of brake system - from 100 N to 1000 N.
    Meter braking force (for one wheel) - 0-40 kN.
    The initial braking speed on the stand - 2.2 km / h, 4.4 km / h
    Power supply voltage - 380 V.
    Power frequency - 50 Hz.
    The installed capacity of electric equipment - 19 kW.
    The range of measurement of weight - up to 16 000 kg.
    The maximum power measured maximum brake force for 10 - 55 kW.
    Operating temperature range - from +5 ° C to +35 ° C.
    The range of air pressure in pneumatic actuator - 0-1 MPa.
    Brake stand STS-16U-SP-11N works on the principle of compulsory rotation of the wheel axis of the vehicle diagnosed by the support rollers and measuring the forces that occur on the surface under braking. After checking out videos on the axis of the support device of weighing the same diagnosed axis. The effort that applies the brake control, vymeryat special sensor. Calculation of total specific brake force and the coefficient of axial non-uniformity of the software is held, which receives data on the weight of the axle and the braking force of each wheel.
    The use when checking the brake system of the classical arrangements of rollers helps reduce errors and eliminate the rollback of the vehicle.
    Rollers stands STS-16U-SP-11N equipped with a metal spot welding SmG, which provides a factor of adhesion of 0.8 on a dry surface and 0.7 - the wet. The diameter of the rollers allows you to stand on the brake wheel contact patch, which will be identical to the wheel contact patch with the road.
    Tester capable of testing all-wheel drive (Module 4 WD - reversing rollers).
    With the help of an electronic sensor measuring the pressure in the pneumatic actuator, which included the stand STS-16U-SP-11N is controlled by the maximum allowable air pressure drop in air-hydraulic brake actuator exchange.
    The control system allows the stand om self-diagnosis. If there is an emergency situation, the system goes into the "error" and the scoreboard shows an error code. The code is determined by the fault.
    The stand is controlled via the remote control or keypad handheld komp'yutera.

    Supplied brake testers STS-16U-SP-11N:

    Frame foundation - 1 piece.
    The support device - left and right;
    Wardrobe power - 1 piece.
    Weighing System - 1 piece.
    Module 4 WD - 1 piece.
    Remote Control Set - 1 piece.
    The force sensor on the control TC - 1 piece.
    Sensor measuring the pressure in the pneumatic actuator - 1 piece.
    Instrument rack SP-6 - 1 piece.
    The bridge - 2 pcs.;
    Chock - 2 pcs.;
    Set the PC - Optional consumer;
    Tool set for checking the stand - Optional consumer.
    Stands brake STS-16U-SP-11N after passing the initial calibration can be taken into operation with the provision of the warranty is 12 months from the first day of admission to operation.
    The warranty period may be extended by another 12 months in the case of a contract for service products.
    The requirements and application instructions contain technical documentation that comes with the stand. Also, the product provides all the necessary certificates.
    Installation, commissioning and training are carried out under a separate contract and are not included in the cost of equipment.

Photos: STS-16U-SP-11N

STS-16U-SP-11N rollers brake tester.
STS-16U-SP-11N rollers brake tester.