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Instrument exploration scintillation SRP-88N1 (SRP88N1, CP-88-H1, PSA 88 H1-H1 SRP88, SRP88 H1, 88N1 PSA)
Instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 is designed for indirect measurements of the radioactivity of rocks and ores by gamma radiation in well logging and holes.
Technical characteristics of the instrument exploration scintillation devices PSA-88N1:
The instrument measures the natural gamma radiation with an initial energy threshold of registration no more than 50 keV;
Permissible relative basic error of measurement of gamma radiation - ± 10%;
The range of measurements of gamma-ray instrument instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 with analog output node O of the combined STC-32N because of its conversion factor 1B -1 ∙ s -1 (0.5 mA -1 ∙ s -1) and a multiplier determined by the position Switch sub-bands, divided into sub-bands:
- 0s from -1 to 300C-1, from 1 up to 1000C 0s -1 0s from -1 to 3000s -1 of 0s 10000s -1 -1 -1 of 0s 30000s -1;
Note. At the sub-band from 0 to -1 to 100c-1 and the initial section up to 20% of each sub-band limit of the measurement error of measurement is not standardized;
Time measurement instrument instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 is 10c (position "0.1", "0.3" range switch) and 1c (position "1", "3", "10" and "30" range switch);
Operation mode setup time instrument instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 is 1 minute;
A valid instrument uptime 8:00;
The instability of the instrument readings Geological scintillation PSA-88N1 within 5 days of work for 8 hours a day does not exceed ± 5%;
Anisotropy detection units in the plane axis does not exceed:
- 0.35 - detection unit BDPG-22P;
- 0.7 - detection unit BDPG-23H;
The level of your background instrument instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 less than 10 seconds -1;
Power is supplied from an external source of DC voltage range from 11V to 15V. In this case, the additional error when the voltage from 15V to 11V with respect to the value measured at the nominal supply voltage of 12V, does not exceed ± 2%;
Note. In the portable version of the power unit instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 performed on battery power unit PNN-159I (from the ZIP) is installed instead of the output node of STC-32N;
The power consumed by the device at a supply voltage +5 V (with a battery power supply) is less than 200mW;
The detectors used in sodium iodide crystals 40 mm in height and diameter of 10mm;
Overall dimensions:
- Remote PEC-01H - 210h100h85mm;
- Detection unit - 50h191h430mm;
Weight - 2.2 kg;
The cable length detection unit unit unit Exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 at least 1.5 m;
The maximum permissible cable length detection unit - 1000m (cable type kg1-50-90K and KGZ-60-90);
The device can withstand without malfunction briefly, during the 30s with radiation exposure dose of 1R / h;
Instrument exploration scintillation PSA-88N1 made ​​in vibration resistant, shockproof and waterproof design;
Service life - at least 8 years; Note. Service life when used in normal mode - no more than 5 years;
MTBF - 5,000 hours.