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Made in: 2018.


    Transition SR-50-162FV (SR50-162FV; SR 50 162FV)

    Transition SR-50-162FV intended for connecting two connectors of the same or different connection dimensions when their direct mechanical connection is not feasible or undesirable direct electrical connection. The device is used to connect threaded way RF paths.

    Key specifications for the connector SR-50-162FV:

    - Connector type - the transition;
    - Serial number of development - 162;
    - Insulator material - Teflon;
    - Type of connection - threaded;
    - Impedance - 50Om;
    - Operating voltage - 500V;
    - Frequency range - from 0 to 10 GHz.

    The type designation SR-50-162FV:
    - CP - RF connector;
    - 50 - the value of the wave resistance (ohms);
    - 162 - number of development;
    - F - insulation material (PTFE);
    - In - Universal climatic performance by GOST In 20.39.404-81.
    SR-50-162FV - leaky direct transition type pin-pin, with PTFE insulation. The device is a combination of two coaxial connectors connected short rigid coaxial line segment.
    Connector Dimensions - 25,4 × 42,2 mm.
    Specifications transitions SR-50-162FV:

    - Contact materials - brass, plated with silver.
    - Maximum operating frequency - 10000MGts.
    - Operating voltage 500V under normal conditions (amplitude);
    - Impedance - 50Om;
    - Contact resistance - 0.01 ohms.

    Connectors have the following values ​​for insulation resistance between the pin, socket and connector body:
    - Under normal circumstances - 1000MOm;
    - At a temperature from 85 º C to 200 º C - 500MOm;
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 100MOm.

    Test voltage transitions for SR-50-162FV:
    - Normal 1620V (Vp);
    - At atmospheric pressure - 250V (Vp);
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 500V (Vp).
    Voltage standing wave ratio for transport links CP-50-162FV other connectors on the 3000MHz frequency range from 1.25 to 1.6 VSWR, depending on the combinations of joints.

Rated operating voltage for connector has the following values:
    - Under normal conditions - 250V-350V (Vp) depending on the embodiment of the compound;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 50V (Vp);
    - Humidity of 98% at a temperature of 40 º C - 250V-350V (Vp) depending on the embodiment of the compound.

    MTTF coupler SR-50-162FV at different rates of flow temperature in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Degrees, ° C
Hours of use
162 ° C.
85 ° C.
74 ° C.
68 ° C.
60 ° C.
54 ° C.
8000 h
50 ° C.
40 ° C.
32 ° C.
25 ° C.
18 ° C.
14 ° C.

    Cycle of mechanical operation, which on average can survive the transition - 500. To contact the dismemberment-pin socket, body-body should make an effort 0.5-2 kg. Reliability Connector: minimum probability of failure of connector P 2 = 0.99 for 1000 hours at the reliability R 36 = 0.9.
    Tightness transitions CP-50-162FV - when exposed to low atmospheric pressure to 10 -6 mm Hg., And high blood pressure - up to 3 atm. Electrical parameters connector CP-50 160FV, mechanical, climatic factors correspond to the requirements of GOST 20265-83.
    Service life transitions - 5000 hours.

    Operating conditions connector SR-50-162FV:

    Operating temperature range - from -60 ° C to +155 ° C. Relative humidity - 98%, at a temperature of 40 ° C. Low atmospheric pressure - up to 5 mm Hg.
    Vibration and vibration devices is in the range of 5-5000Hz frequency acceleration 30g.

   SR-50-162FV capable of withstanding:
    - Single mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 500g;
    - Multiple mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 150g;
    - Linear loads up to 500g.
    Connector griboustoychivy, resistant to sea fog, solar radiation.

    Storage conditions

    Minimum storage slots - 15 years. Shelf life in warehouse conditions in their original packaging at ambient temperature 5 º C-35 º C at a relative humidity of 85% - up to 11 years.
    During this period not store connectors in equipment and spare parts in the field at ambient temperature from -50 º C to +50 º C, relative humidity 98%, while protecting them from direct exposure to solar radiation and precipitation for 3 years or those same conditions when finding them in a sealed or spill-proof equipment for 5 years.

Photos: SR-50-162FV

SR-50-162FV transition image.
SR-50-162FV transition image.
SR-50-162FV transition image.
SR-50-162FV transition image.
SR-50-162FV front view.
SR-50-162FV front view.
SR-50-162FV side view.
SR-50-162FV side view.
SR-50-162FV rear view.
SR-50-162FV rear view.
SR-50-162FV transition drawings.
SR-50-162FV transition drawings.