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Made in: 2018.


    Cable SR-50-130FV (SR50-130FV; SR50 130FV).

    Fork SR-50-130FV intended to connect two terminals of the same or different connection dimensions when their direct mechanical connection is not feasible or undesirable direct electrical connection.
    Connector Type - Male.
    Sequence number of development - 130.
    Insulator material - Teflon.
    Connection type - threaded.
    Characteristic impedance - 50Om.
    Operating voltage - 500V.
    Frequency range - from 0 to 10 GHz.
    The type designation SR-50-130FV:

    - SR - RF connector;
    - 50 - the value of the characteristic impedance (ohms);
    - 130 - number of development;
    - F - insulation (PTFE);
    - In the - all-climate performance by GOST In 20.39.404-81.
    SR-50-130FV - leaky direct connection with polyethylene insulation. Product is a combination of two coaxial connectors, connected by short rigid coaxial line segment.
Connector Dimensions - 22 × 44mm.

    Drawing socket is shown in Figure 1.
SR-50-130FV cable plug drawing

    Figure 1. Drawing plugs SR-50-130FV.
    Specifications SR-50-130FV:

    - Contact materials - brass, plated with silver.
    - Maximum operating frequency - 10000MGts.
    - Operating voltage under normal conditions 500V (peak);
    - Impedance - 50Om;
    - Contact resistance - 0.01 ohms.

    Plugs SR-50-130FV have the following values ​​of insulation resistance between the connector elements:
    - Under normal circumstances - 1000MOm;
    - At a temperature of 85 º C to 200 º C - 500MOm;
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 100MOm.

    The test voltage for plugs SR-50-130FV:
    - Normal 750V (Vp);
    - At atmospheric pressure - 250V (Vp);
    - At 98% humidity and a temperature of 40 º C - 500 V (Vp).

    Voltage standing wave ratio of the compounds plugs SR-50-130FV with other terminals on the 3000MHz frequency range from 1.25 to 1.6 VSWR VSWR, depending on the combinations of joints.

    For connector SR-50-130FV nominal operating voltage has the following values:
    - Under normal conditions - 250V-350V (Vp) depending on the embodiment of the compound;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 50V (Vp);
    - Humidity of 98% (at a temperature of 40 º C) - 250V - 350V (Vp) depending on the connection options.

    MTTF connector SR-50-130FV under different conditions of temperature filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.

Degrees, °C
Hours of use
95 °C
85 °C
130 °C
68 °C
60 °C
54 °C
8000 h
50 °C
40 °C
32 °C
25 °C
18 °C
14 °C

Cycle of mechanical operation, which on average can withstand fork - 500. To break up the contacts you need to make an effort of 0.5 kgf-2kgs. Reliability forks: the minimum probability of failure of connector P 2 = 0.99 for 1000 hours at the reliability of R 36 = 0.9.
    Lifetime SR-50-130FV - 5000 hours.

    Operating conditions connector SR-50-130FV:

    Operating temperature range - from -60 ° C to +155 ° C. Relative humidity - 98% at 40 ° C. Low atmospheric pressure - up to 5 mm Hg.
    Vibration strength and stability of devices ranges in the frequency range 5 Hz - 5000Hz with an acceleration of 30g.

    SR-50-130FV able to withstand:
    - Single mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 500g;
    - Multiple mechanical shocks with acceleration up to 150g;
    - Linear loads up to 500g.

    Connector griboustoychivy, resistant to sea fog, solar radiation.

    Storage conditions of SR-50-130FV

    Minimal storage time slots - 20 years. Can be stored in warehouse conditions in their original packaging at room temperature 5 º C-35 º C at a relative humidity of 85% - up to 11 years.
    During this period be stored SR-50-130FV in the apparatus and the ISP in the field at an ambient temperature of -50 º C and +50 º C, a relative humidity of 98%, while protecting them from direct exposure to the sun radiation and rainfall for 3 or, under the same conditions as when finding them in a sealed moisture-proof equipment or for 5 years.

Photos SR-50-130FV

SR-50-130FV transition image.
SR-50-130FV transition image.
SR-50-130FV transition image.
SR-50-130FV transition image.
SR-50-130FV front view.
SR-50-130FV front view.
SR-50-130FV side view (place turnkey).
SR-50-130FV side view (place turnkey).
SR-50-130FV rear view.
SR-50-130FV rear view.