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Stand for testing of suspensions SPP-2500 - an apparatus for monitoring the condition of the vehicle suspension.

    Also this device can be called: SPP2500, SPP 2500.


    The amplitude of the vibrations - ± 3 mm.
    The frequency of oscillation - no more than 23Hz.
    Axial load - no more than 2.5 tons
    Engine power - not more than 2 × 1,5 kW.    
    Track width - 800mm-2300mm.
    Overall dimensions - 2460 × 480 × 355mm.
    Weight - no more than 290kg.
    Stands SPP-2500 allow us to determine the coefficient of pressure on the supporting surface. Assessment of performance suspension is produced by vibration amplitude and intensity of their extinction.
    Stands SPP-2500 can be used at service stations ATS, OTC autoenterprise controllers when released into the line.
    The principle of operation and the device SPP-2500

    Stand PtDAs-2500 is a platform composed of two test areas, each of which is connected with the eccentric shaft.
    Stands SPP-2500 is the ability to evaluate Arm Bush extinguish vertical vibrations occurring on rough roads.
    Stand SPP-2500 monitors the force with which the tire acts on the vehicle platform. Tests performed on the first fixed platform, and then during the damped oscillation frequency from 23Hz.
    According to test results, which were made ​​on the stand SPP-2500, the computer calculates the "pressure ratio" wheel on the support surface, expressed as a percentage. The test results with the use of shock devices and booths SPP-2500 issued on display and (or) in the form of a printout.
    Operating the SPP-2500

    Exposure limits the operating conditions of the stand SPP-2500:
    - Power supply voltage AC - 380V;
    - The frequency of the AC - 49.5 Hz - 50.5 Hz;
    - The load per axle of the vehicle - not more than 2500kg.    
    Tires of the vehicle passing inspection must be clean and dry. Tire pressure must match passport data on the tires.
    Motor vehicle that passes inspection on the stand SPP-2500, should be disconnected from the transmission axis of the diagnosed after entry to the stand.

    Stand SPP-2500 is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 75.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa;
    - Relative humidity - up to 100% (at 25 ° C).

Photos: SPP-2500

Stand for testing of suspensions SPP-2500 device image.
Stand for testing of suspensions SPP-2500 device image.
Stand for testing of suspensions SPP-2500 device image.
Stand for testing of suspensions SPP-2500 device image.