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SPEKTRA MKS-11 Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-11 Spectrum.


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Dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 (MKS11, MKS 11, mkc-11, mkc11, mkc 11)
Dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 is designed to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma-and X-rays (hereinafter Maeda photon ionizing radiation), determining the intensity of neutron radiation, as well as identify the type of radionuclide.
The instrument provides for the accumulation, preservation of non-volatile memory and identification of gamma-amplitude spectra.
The device is used for discovering and localizing radioactive and nuclear materials in their gamma and neutron radiation in order to prevent illicit trafficking, as well as enterprises and institutions, where the works with sources of gamma and neutron radiation.
Special features dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11:
High-sensitivity scintillation (Cs) gamma-radiation, a Geiger-Muller counters, scintillation (Li) detector neutron radiation;
The presence of the automatic testing of the state of power supply and display;
Information exchange between the device detection (LOD), device control and indication (UUI) and personal computer (PC) is the technology "Bluetooth";
Ability to save and transfer to a personal computer 128 total gamma-ray spectra;
Identification device dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 of radionuclides, indicating the category to which they belong (according to the requirements of IAEA)
- Medical Radionuclides: 18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 131I, 201Tl;
- Industrial radionuclides: 57Co, 60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs, 192Ir, 152Eu that 241Am;
- Special nuclear material: 233U, 235U, Pu [plutonium reactor (more than 6% 240Pu)];
- Naturally occurring radioactive materials: 40K, 226Ra, 232Th and decay products, 238U and decomposition products;
Note: The list of nuclides that instrument dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 is able to identify, if necessary, may be extended;
Threshold alarm system with three independent threshold levels:
- Search the threshold level (threshold speed of counting pulses from the photon detectors of ionizing radiation);
- The threshold level of security (threshold for Maeda photon ionizing radiation);
- The threshold speed of counting pulses from the detector neutron radiation.
Technical characteristics of the devices dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11:
Sensitivity to gamma radiation for 137Cs - not less than 150 (imp ∙ c) / (mSv / h) ± 15 (imp ∙ c) / (mSv / h);
Sensitivity of the instrument dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 of neutron radiation:
- For fast neutrons - no less than 0.12012 counts ∙ cm ² / neutron pulses ∙ ± 0,01212 cm ² / neutron;
- For thermal neutrons - no less than 1.212 counts ∙ cm ² / neutron pulses ∙ ± 0,12 cm ² / neutron;
Measuring range of photon ionizing radiation Maeda - 0.05 mkZv/ch-9999mkZv/ch;
Display range of the photon counting rate of ionizing radiation - 1imp/s-9999imp/s;
Indication range counting rate of neutron radiation - 0.01 imp/s-9999, 00imp / s;
Maximum permissible relative basic error in the measurement of photon-ionizing radiation Maeda (137Cs) - ± (15 +1 / H (10)), where H (10) - measured Maeda, equivalent mSv / h;
Energy range of detected device dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 of photon ionizing radiation - 0.033 MeV-3, 000MeV;
Energy dependence of the instrument when measuring Maeda photon ionizing radiation in the energy range from 0.05 MeV to 3.00 MeV relative to the energy 0.662 MeV (137Cs) - ± 25%;
Energy range of detected device dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 of neutron radiation - from thermal to 14.00 MeV;
The number of channels of the amplitude spectrum of gamma-- 1024 channel;
Operation mode setup time unit - less than 1 min;
Time calibration dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 search in terms of gamma-ray background - 2s-60s;
Time of continuous operation of the device when powered by batteries under conditions svezhezaryazhennyh gamma-ray background is not more than 0.5 mSv / h, with the backlight off the scale and without the alarm - no less than 30 hours;
Operating temperature range - from -20 º C to +50 º C;
Overall dimensions of device detection (LOD) - less than 110x36x83mm;
DM mass - more than 0.4 kg;
Dimensions of the device control and indication (UUI) (no belt) - not more 70x80x32mm;
Weight UUI - no more than 0.13 kg;
The weight of the instrument dosimeter-radiometer search SPEKTRA MKS-11  in laying the box - no more than 1.5 kg;
Delivery set
- The control and display;
- Device detection;
- NiMH rechargeable battery, size AA;
- Rechargeable NiMH AAA (2 pcs.);
- Battery Charger;
- Leather case;
- Operating unit dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument dosimeter-radiometer SPEKTRA MKS-11 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.