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SOPpr-2a-2-010 Stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010.


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Stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 (SOPpr2a2010, SOPpr 2a 2010, SOPpr-2a-2010)
Stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 is designed to measure time in minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds.
The stopwatch is used during sporting events, as well as in research and in the timing.
The device is resistant balance.
Technical characteristics of the devices stopwatches SOPpr-2a-2-010:
Accuracy class - 2;
Margin of error for 30 minutes - ± 1,0 s;
Operating temperature range device stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 - from -20 º C to +40 º C;
Dimensions - no more d50h18h70mm;
Weight - 0.09 kg;
The mechanism of the device with a stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 caliber 42mm at 15 ruby stones has a spring motor, lever escapement, and the oscillating system "balance - spiral" with a period of oscillation 0.4 s;
The duration of one full winding - not less than 18 hours;
To control the mechanism of the device arrow stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 is equipped with a special device of the adder;
Start, stop by pressing the arrow keys on the crown, back to zero - by pressing a button;
The stopwatch has a 60-second scale with scale interval 0.2 s and a 30-minute counter with a scale division of 1 minute;
The housing stopwatch SOPpr-2a-2-010 metal, chrome plated.