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SOEKS 01M Radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M.


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Radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M (SOEKS01M, SOEKS-01M, SOEKS 01 M, SOEKS-01-M)
Radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M is designed to assess the level of radioactivity and the detection of objects, foodstuffs, construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements.
Radioactivity indicator assesses the background radiation on the amount of power of ionizing radiation (gamma and beta-particles flux) in view of X-rays.
Advantages of LED device radioactivity SOEKS 01M:
- Easy management;
- The fastest time of the measurement of domestic dosimeter - just 10 seconds;
- Charging and power for continuous operation via mini-usb;
- The presence of sensor measurement accuracy;
- Compact and lightweight;
- Bright, informative, TFT color display;
- Modern design;
- Numerical and graphical display of measurement;
- Working on battery power;
- Audible alarm;
- Russian and English menu;
- Russian and English instruction to the device.
Technical characteristics of the instrument lights radioactivity SOEKS 01M:
The range of indications the level of radioactive background - 1000mkZv / h;
The range of indications the level of radioactive background - 100000mkR / h;
A measurable indicator of radioactivity SOEKS 01M energy gamma-rays - 0.1 MeV;
Warning threshold - 0.3 mSv / h to 100mkZv / h;
Warning threshold - from 30mkR / h to 10000mkR / h;
Time measurement unit of radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M - up to 20 seconds;
Indication of evidence - a continuous, numeric, graphic;
Batteries - batteries or AAA batteries;
Supplementary feeding device radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M - AC adapter or USB;
Voltage Range - 1.9 V-3, 5B;
Time of continuous operation of the product - at least 10chasov;
Overall dimensions radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M - less than 105x43x18mm;
Weight (without batteries) - less than 57g;
Current battery charge - no more than 300mA;
Supply unit of radioactivity SOEKS 01M LED current from the charger or USB - no more than 500mA;
The output voltage of the charger - from 4.5 V to 5.5 V;
The display device radioactivity indicator SOEKS 01M - Color TFT, 128x160;
Operating temperature range - from -20 º C to +60 º C;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument indicator of radioactivity SOEKS 01M technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.