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SO-121VM Ice detector CO-121VM.


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Ice detector SO-121VM (SO121VM, SO-121-VM, SO 121 VM, SO 121VM)
Ice detector SO-121VM is designed to alert the presence of icing conditions and the formation of the following signals:
- A signal of "ice" - a device for signaling the crew;
- The signal "PIC" - on and off anti-icing system;
- A signal of "BAR" - in the on-board recording equipment parameters;
- A signal of "RI" - voice and informant.
Technical characteristics of equipment alarms icing SO-121VM:
Product production in 2012;
Signaling icing used on aircraft (airplanes and helicopters), both domestic and foreign production;
The composition of the unit SO-ice detector sensor alarm 121VM includes DSL-40T (DSL-40TV - depending on the version), an electronic transducer PE-11M, a frame assembly of the RM-5 and RM-6 (depending on the version);
The sensor DSL-39MT ice discharge from the bracket by hot air, but with a vibrator - with an electric heating;
Discharge of ice from the bracket sensor DSL-40T, in contrast to DSL-39MT sensor is electrically heated. Sensors DSL and DSL-40T-40TV different type of connector: DSL-40T - Connector 2RMGD, and DSL-40TV - SNTS23 connector;
The frame assembly of the RM-5 is designed for installation of a converter of PE-11M, and the frame assembly of the RM-6 - two converters PE-11M.
Versions of the ice detector unit SO-121VM and its compounds are listed in Table 1;
Table 1 Versions of the ice detector unit SO-121VM and its compounds
The number of
version of the "a"
variant "b"
version of the "in"
The sensor signal of ice DSL-39TM
Electronic converter PE-11M
The frame assembly of the RM-5
The frame assembly of the RM-6
The main technical characteristics of the instrument detector icing SO-121VM listed in Table 2
Table 2 Main specifications of the unit SO detector icing 121VM
A. Power supply ice detector SO-121VM DC power supply voltage
27V ± 3V
2. Supply current for each channel SO-121VM:
- An electronic circuit, no more
- Heating circuit, no more
Three. Sensitivity (ice thickness), ice detector unit SO-121VM, no more
0.3 mm
4. Output command "PIC":
- Switching current, no more
27V ± 3V
1.5 A
Five. Weekend team "icing", "BAR", "RI":
- Total current commutes, no more
27V ± 3V
1.5 A
6. When you remove the ice from the sensor DSL-39MT, no more
10s (in flight)
30s (on earth)
7. Time delay shutdown command "icing", "PIC", "BAR", "RR"
140 ° C ± 40s
8. Continuous operation of the instrument detector icing SO-121VM
9. Weight:
- Configuration option "a", not more
- Configuration option "b", "c", not more
3.4 kg
6.6 kg
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality ice detector SO-121VM technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.