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Collectors SMZ-11 (SMZ11, SMZ 11)
Collectors SMZ-11 is designed to measure the current industrial interference in the mains lead and used for testing electrical wires for industrial radio emission in the frequency range from 0.009 MHz to 30 MHz.
Technical characteristics of the devices current collectors SMZ-11:
Frequency range - 0.009 MHz-30MHz;
Input impedance of the device current collector SMZ-11 - 50 ohms;
Calibration factor - ≤ 10 dB (1-lgf), where f - frequency, MHz;
Sensitivity to the electric field - no more meter Un, where Un - the lower limit of the meter;
Changing the calibration current collector SMZ-11 from the operating current bias - not bolee1, 0dB;
Maximum permissible error of the calibration coefficient - not more than 2.0 dB;
The diameter of the connecting cord - no more than 15 mm;
Collectors SMZ-11 is made ​​in the form of the clip.Two identical parts it made of fiberglass, each of which has torroidalnye ferrite cores with coils;
The device is a current transformer winding. Structurally, the current collector is made of two parts:
- One part - the primary winding with two parallel coils on torroidalnom ferrite;
- The other part - the secondary winding;
Both coils current collector device SMZ-11 is protected against electric fields so that only the magnetic field induces a current in the primary circuit and the output voltage of the current collector formed;
Suppression of external magnetic fields provided by the symmetrical design of coils;
Dimensions of the device current collector SMZ-11 - 210h45h70mm;
Weight - 0.35 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device current collector SMZ-11 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos: SMZ-11

SMZ-11 slip image.
SMZ-11 slip image.
SMZ-11 side view №1.
SMZ-11 side view №1.
SMZ-11 side view №2.
SMZ-11 side view №2.
SMZ-11 side view №3.
SMZ-11 side view №3.
SMZ-11 overhead view.
SMZ-11 overhead view.
SMZ-11 bottom view.
SMZ-11 bottom view.