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SKT260-1 (CKT260-1)

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    Transformer sine-cosine SKT260-1 (CKT260-1) (SKT 260-1; SKT-260-1; skt260-1; skt 260-1; skt-260-1)

    Transformers SKT260-1 (CKT260-1) - frameless bipolar devices used for a transformer circuit Transmitting the rotation angle of the shaft can also be used as an angular position sensor in the control unit.
    Accuracy class of the device: 0.2.
    Following error: no more than ± 0,2 arc. minutes.
    The asymmetry of the zero positions of the rotor: ± 5,0 arc. minutes.
    Inequality transformation ratio: 5.0 arcmin. minutes.
    SKT260-1 (CKT260-1) Representing an induction electric micromachines AC sine concentric windings in which mutual inductance between the stator windings and the rotor varies sinusoidally with the angle of rotation of the rotor.

    Specifications SKT260-1 (CKT260-1)
    Main technical characteristics of transformers served in Table 1.

    Table 1.
The parameter value for accuracy class
Display error sine dependence,%
± 0,02
EMF quadrature winding mV
The ratio of the residual to the steepness of the EMF, ang. min
Residual EDS,%, not more
Inequality transformation ratio,%, not more
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage for transformers SKT260-1 (CKT260-1) ranges from 0 to 400 Hz. Operating frequency range of the excitation voltage device - 380 - 420Gts.
    Changing the transformation ratio when the ambient temperature every 40 ° C - 3%.
    Warranty life of the transformer is 3000 hours.

    Operating conditions SKT260-1 (CKT260-1):
    Transformer SKT260-1 (CKT260-1) is able to withstand loads up to 300 Hz vibration, and acceleration: 100m / s 2, and shock loads: 120 m / s 2. For optimum operation of transformers ambient temperature should be in the range of -60 to +100 ° C and the relative humidity at 40 ° C must not exceed 98%.