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    Limit switch contact SKPK
    SKPK limit switch contact - are used for switching electrical circuits when the executive bodies of the mechanisms and reinforcement of one of the two end positions.
    Scope SKPK: shipbuilding, nuclear power.
    Modification of the limit switch contact SKPK presented in Table 1.
Table 1
Modification Signalling
Number of control provisions
Original stem position
Working stroke
The force along the axis of the stem
5 mm±0,8
26 kG
2,5±0,4 mm at each side of the neutral
18 kG

    Constant voltage - 27 ± 4.
    Load capacity - up to 20 watts.
    AC - from 1.2 mA to 6 mA (resistive load).
    AC voltage - up to 220.
    Frequency - 400 Hz.
    Weight - no more than 2.3 kg.

    Operating conditions of the device position indicator pin SKPK:

    Ambient temperature:
    - Seawater - from -4 ° C to +32 ° C (269 K to 305 K);
    - Air - from -40 ° C to +50 ° C (233 K to 323 K) in icing conditions.
    Pressure (sea water) - from 0 Pa to 63.7 MPa (0 gauss/cm2 to 650 kgf/cm2).
    Technical life - 10000 hrs
    Number of Switches - 10,000.
    Switching frequency per minute - up to 6.
    Displacement speed - 0.1 mm / s to 10 mm / sec.
    Life - 10 years.
    The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance issued by the limit switch contact SKPK all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: SKPK

SKPK position indicators. Appearance.
SKPK position indicators. Appearance.