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СИ-37Г Geiger-Muller counter SI-37g.


312 pieces
(for order is possible effectively delivery of any quantity)
Geiger-Muller SI-37G (SI37G, SR-37-F, SR 37 D, SI37-T, T SI37, SI 37g)

Technical characteristics of the devices Geiger-Muller SR-37g:

Temperature - -60 º C-+85 º C;
Operating Voltage - 390V;
Minimal slowness of the counting plateau characteristics - 100V;
The maximum slope of the plateau counting device characteristics Geiger-Muller SR-37g - 0.25% / V;
The maximum background count rate - 0.25 s-1;
Minimum time device Geiger-Muller SR-37g - 2 ∙ 1010imp;
- Diameter - 8mm;
- Length - 66mm;
Unit weight Geiger-Muller SR-37g - 4,5