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Shunt 150ShSV1

2 142 RUB
536 UAH

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    Shunt measuring stationary 150ShSV1
    Also, this device may be referred to: 150ShS V1, 150ShS-V1, 150 ShS V1.
    150ShSV1 shunt measuring stationary interchangeable with a nominal voltage drop of 150 mV is designed to expand the limits of measurement indicating and recording devices DC.
    Accuracy class - 0.5.
    150ShSV1 shunts are also produced in the performance of T (tropical) Category 2 and OM (sea), category 3.
    Shunt measuring 150ShSV1 manufactured in the form of a plate of manganin, soldered brazed tips in brass or copper. Lugs are threaded connections for potential clips - screws and holes for current clamps - bolts.

    Shunts measuring 150ShSV1:

Type of shunt
Intentional impedance
150ShSV1 150 A
1000 mkOhm
best price
150ShSV1 300 A
500 mkOhm
2142 rubles.
536 UAH.
150ShSV1 750 A
200 mkOhm
3906 rubles.
977 UAH.
150ShSV1 1500 A
100 mkOhm
8064 rubles.
2016 UAH.
150ShSV1 2000 A
75 mkOhm
best price
150ShSV1 3000 A
50 mkOhm
best price
    Maximum permissible relative error of electrical resistance - ±0,5%.
    Limits of permissible variation of electrical resistance as a result of the thermoelectric power - ±0,25%.
    Limits of additional error electrical resistance caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature for every 10° C - ±0,25%.
    Most superheat shunt plates - 150° C.
    Overall average lifespan - 15 years.
    Weight without shunt current and potential clips - from 0.3 to 8 kg to 9.5 kg.
    Dimensions without shunt current and potential clips - from 195x30x12 mm to 350x120x100 mm.
    Operating conditions:

    Ambient temperature range (depending on the version) - from -40° C to +50° C, -50° C to +50° C.
    Relative humidity at +40° C - up to 95%.
    Pressure - 60 kPa to 106.7 kPa (460 mm Hg. Art. 800 mm Hg. Art.)
Shunts measuring 150ShSV1 applied in power, metallurgy, chemical industry, railway transport in controlling the flow of large currents.