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Sound level meter SHUM-1M30 (SHUM1M30, SHUM-1-M30, SHUM 1 M30, SHUM 1M30, SHUM1-M30, SHUM1 M30)
Sound level meter SHUM-1M30 is designed to measure the levels of stationary neimpulsnyh sounds (noise) on the threshold of the laboratory and industrial conditions.
Can be used in the traffic police and sanepidemstantsiyah to measure the levels of municipal, industrial and street noise in order to verify their compliance with existing state standards and sanitary regulations.
Principle of the device is to measure the electrical signal from your microphone and sound pressure is proportional to the acoustic noise.
The device is sound level meter SHUM-1M30 consists of a microphone, preamplifier, attenuator input amplifier, filters, final amplifier, inverter and generator calibrated signal.The electrical part of the sound level meter is collected in a small metal case. To eliminate the disturbing action of the reflected sound from the body of the upper part of it has konusoidalnuyu form. In the upper part of the measuring microphone is located. The back cover removable sound level meter. It is threaded bushing for mounting sound level meter on a tripod.
The electronic circuit device sound level meter SHUM-1M30 assembled on printed circuit boards, assembled on the pre-amplifier cards with contacts for electrical connection to the electronic circuit sound level meter.By pre-amplifier with thread attached capsule condenser measurement microphone. On the front panel are the most important controls: switch ranges of measured levels, mode selector switch, instrument calibration and pen.
Sound level meter SHUM-1M30 has a socket "Exit" for connecting external devices to analyze the input impedance of no less than 10 ohms.
Technical characteristics of the instrument sound level meters SHUM-1M30:
Frequency Range - 31.5 Hz-8000Hz.
Frequency characteristics of sound level meter, the instrument SHUM-1M30 - A, B, C.
Dynamic range - 20dB-120dB.
The basic error of measurement instrument sound level meter SHUM-1M30 at a frequency of 1000 Hz - no more than ± 2%.
The error limits of the switch - no more than ± 1 dB.
The error of the grading scale shows the device - no more than ± 0,5 dB.
Accuracy of the energy summation of the frequency components of noise sound level meter SHUM-1M30 - no more than ± 0,25 dB.
Adjustment range of electrical calibration with respect to the installation level - not less than ± 2 dB.
Power supply Noise Sound Level Meter SHUM-1M30, two batteries, "Crohn's EC" connected in series, voltage 15V-18V.
Current consumed by the sound level meters from the battery - no more than 2.8 mA.
Overall dimensions sound level meter SHUM-1M30 - 260h85h65mm.
Weight - 1.1 kg.

Photos SHUM-1M30

ShUM-1M30 device image.
ShUM-1M30 device image.
ShUM-1M30 accessories and spare parts.
ShUM-1M30 accessories and spare parts.
ShUM-1M30 front view.
ShUM-1M30 front view.
ShUM-1M30 side view.
ShUM-1M30 side view.
ShUM-1M30 rear view.
ShUM-1M30 rear view.
ShUM-1M30 overhead view.
ShUM-1M30 overhead view.