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SHCC-NK-150 0,1mm Caliper SHTSTS-NC-150 0.1 mm for external electronic grooves.

SHCC-NK-150 0,1mm

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Caliper SHCC-NK-150 0.1 mm for the outer electronic grooves (SHCCNK150, SHCC NK 150, SHCC-NK 150, SHCC NK-150)
Caliper SHCC-NK-150 0.1 mm for the outer electron grooves designed to measure the hard outer grooves and protochek.
Caliper performs the following functions:
- Issuance of digital information in a direct code (with the sign and absolute value);
- Set the origin in the absolute coordinate system;
- Pre-installation of zero;
- The ability to measure quantities in both millimeters and inches;
- Display of measurement results to external devices (via serial interface RS232)
Details calipers are made of corrosion resistant steel or have a reliable anti-corrosive coating.
Scale bar and have a vernier satin chrome finish, eliminating glare.
Product Specifications Calipers SHCC-NK-150 0.1 mm for the outer electronic grooves:
Size caliper products SHCC-NK-150, 0.1 mm for the outer electronic grooves - 150mm;
Step discrete digital reading device - 0.1 mm;
Caliper SHCC-NK-150, 0.1 mm for the outer electronic grooves - a tool that consists of a stiff metal ruler, called the bar, a frame with a vernier and measuring jaws;
With the help of a special screw is fixed to the risks of the line. Measuring the sponge can be upper and lower. The upper jaws are required to perform internal measurements, most often it is the hole in the details, the lower jaw are used for the external dimensions of products;
On the product caliper SHCC-NK-150, 0.1 mm for the outer electronic grooves are very easy to operate.In the process of measuring the lower jaw to the side of divorce, the jaws have a piece, and then have to move the jaw to lock. In the process of measuring the shift in the upper jaw parts, after entering into the hole, which is measured, and there is disclosed a sponge;
Working with an electronic caliper product for exterior grooves SHCC-NK-150 0.1 mm, we must try to keep the tool perpendicular to the details, then the sponge will fall close to the surface of the measurand.According to the main scale and vernier are the results of measurements;
The product is indispensable for some problems of measurement;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality caliper SHCC-NK-150, 0.1 mm for the outer grooves of the electronic requirements of technical specifications in compliance with the conditions of the consumer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.