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250 pieces
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Made in: 2018.


Designed for use in electrical circuits, AC and DC voltage with a frequency of 3MHz 850V.
Product Specifications SHR28P7NSH7 connectors:
Frame size - 28mm, without the pipe;
Number of contacts - 7;
Current load product plug SHR28P7NSH7:
- To a single contact - 35A;
- The total for the connector - 155a;
Type - socket for UTP cable;
Designation of contact combination (code number) connector products SHR28P7NSH7 - 7;
Diameter of the contacts - 1.5 mm;
Contact resistance connector products SHR28P7NSH7 - 2.5 Ohm - 0.15 ohm;
Sinusoidal vibration:
- Range of frequencies - 1Hz-500Hz;
- Acceleration - 300 m / s 2 (30g);
Mechanical shock:
- Single Action - accelerate 5000m / s 2 (500g);
- Multiple actions - acceleration 350m / s 2 (35g);
Temperature - from -60 º C to +60 º C;
The atmospheric pressure - 1,3 ∙ 10 -4 Pa (10 -6 mm Hg);
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product connector SHR28P7NSH7 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos SHR28P7NSH7

ShR28P7NSh7 device image.
ShR28P7NSh7 device image.
ShR28P7NSh7 front view.
ShR28P7NSh7 front view.
ShR28P7NSh7 side view.
ShR28P7NSh7 side view.
ShR28P7NSh7 rear view.
ShR28P7NSh7 rear view.